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Title: Encantadia Episode 151-160
Description: para sa mga nanonood ng encantadia

arnel - December 11, 2005 05:42 AM (GMT)
Kabanata 151: Ang Hamon

Ang Nakaraan…

Anthony challenged Amihan that if he is proven worthy of Lira’s heart, then he will take Lira back to the mortal world.


In Sapiro, Amihan was angered by Anthony’s words. She told Anthony that she has the right to kill Anthony at that instant if she wanted to. Alena told Amihan that she could not do that to Anthony and they have to follow the rule that they have to accept Anthony’s challenge or else 10 decades of misfortune will befall upon Lireo. Amihan told Alena that she knows but she still has to think about it.

In Cassiopeia’s lair, Cass is looking down on her cauldron. She sees that Hagorn has declared Mira as queen of Lireo. She sadly says that she never thought that Mira would be the queen of Lireo. Avilan should hurry in finding Danaya.

In Sapiro, Ybrahim told Amihan and Alena that whether or not Lira will be angry with him, he would really kill Anthony. Ybrahim asked Banak and Nakba for his sword. Alena told Ybrahim to calm down for there will be a solution to their problems. Amihan told Alena and Ybarro that she has thought a very effective plan to defeat Anthony.

In Anthony’s room, Lira reprimanded Anthony for challenging her mother. Lira told Anthony that he did not respect Amihan, as the queen of Lireo and as her mother. Anthony remained silent. Angrily, Lira walked away from the room. (buti nga sa yo Anthony… pano kasi ang TIGAS ng ulo mo!! Yan tuloy.)

Outside Balaak (I really don’t know kung anong lugar yun, but my hunch is Balaak yun), Avilan turned into his human form. He says that he feels Danaya’s presence inside the cave. He was about to enter the cave when a pashnea bit him. He slumped to the ground, reeling from the pain of the bite. (aba’y bakit pa nagpakita ang pashneang yan?? Naku!!)

In Mira’s room, Agane is looking at Mira, sleeping. Asval approaches Agane and told her that of all the persons that would do this thing, fate decreed that it would be Agane. He told Agane that all these years, she is loyal to Hagorn but look at the situation now. He told Agane that if this will persist, she would remain a servant to Hagorn forever, like Gurna was to Pirena. Agane told Asval that she would never allow that to happen. Asval asked Agane about her plans. Agane told Asval that she would kill Mira.


In a place in Sapiro, Lira told Imaw that she is angry with Anthony. She told Imaw that she there are so many problems that she has to fix and then here comes Anthony, trying to add to her problems. Imaw asked Lira if she considers Anthony as one of her problems now. Lira told Imaw that she doesn’t look at it that way, but Anthony doesn’t have to become ‘pasaway’. Imaw, hearing the word for the first time, asked Lira what does ‘pasaway’ mean. Lira told Imaw that pasaway means creating trouble. She told Imaw that she is very confused with things right now.

Outside Balaak, Avilan is still reeling from the pain of the bite. He says that he will try his best to find Danaya. He tries to stand up but he seems to be a bit paralyzed. But despite the pain, he still tries to get up. Finally he had enough strength to hold his body up and so, he went inside the cave. He sensed Danaya’s presence inside the cave. (bakit hindi na lang c Aquil ang nag-save kay Danaya? sayang!)

Lira told Imaw that it was better that Anthony remained in the mortal world. She already set Anthony free but it is Anthony who kept on chasing her. Imaw asked Lira if she still loves Anthony. Lira told Imaw that she does love Anthony but she is torn between her heart and her duties. She told Imaw that the responsibilities that were given to her seemed to be so hard. But now, it seems harder because her lovelife interferes with her duties. She still has so many plans for her life but maybe this the life that she is destined to live. Imaw told Lira that love is not a weakness. In fact, it is the most wonderful source of strength. If we learn how to love then we will be able to fulfill what Bathala wants us to do. Everyone in Encantadia has a mission to accomplish, so she should not lose strength for there are many trials that will come her way.


In Mira’s room, Mira is still sleeping. Agane creeps in and tries to slash Mira but Mira sensed her presence and quickly blocked Agane’s blow. Mira and Agane exchanged blows but Mira proved to be the stronger one and so she took the advantage and held Agane down. Hagorn arrived and saw all the commotion. He asked Mira what happened. Mira told Hagorn that Agane was trying to kill her. Agane tried to explain but Hagorn slapped her. Agane asked Hagorn that how could she do this to her when she had served him faithfully for many years. Hagorn told Agane that he has every right to do that to her anytime he likes and if ever she would try to kill Mira again, he would not hesitate to kill her himself. Agane walked out furiously.

Outside Lireo, Agane told Asval that Mira is really a big hindrance to her plans and it is impossible for her to defeat Hagorn for he is more powerful than she is because he possesses the fire crystal. Asval told Agane that he knows of a way to get rid of Mira. He told Agane that they must get Pirena.

In a forest, Pirena is praying to Bathala. She is praying for Mira to come back to her safe and unharmed. She prays that may Bathala give her the chance to see Mira again and give her another chance to show her love to Mira and have another chance to be her mother. She tells Bathala that she misses Mira so much and she pleads Bathala, the ever-mighty Bathala to grant her prayer.

In Lireo, Mira is sitting on the throne, wearing the crown of the queen of the diwatas. (no offense but her crown doesn’t match her battle outfit) She suddenly blurted out Pirena’s name. Hagorn asked Mira why she spoke Pirena’s name. Mira told Hagorn that even she herself doesn’t know. Hagorn told Mira that in case she doesn’t know, Pirena is her mother. Mira told Hagorn that she is aware of the fact that Pirena is her mother that did nothing good to her life. She told Hagorn that she wants to take revenge on Pirena. She told Hagorn that she wants to go to Sapiro and kill Pirena.


Avilan walked through the path. He reached the place where Danaya was formerly tied. He saw a leaf and picked it up. He confirmed that Danaya had been in that place. (how did Danaya escape and who helped her escape? Or maybe nilipat cya somewhere else… hmm…)

In a garden in Sapiro, everyone was there, including Amihan, Ybarro, Alena and Imaw. Amihan ordered Wantuk to call Lira. Wantuk followed Amihan’s order. Minutes later, Lira with some soldiers and Anthony arrived. Lira asked Amihan why she made her wear such clothes. Amihan answered that Anthony will be doing a challenge. Amihan told Lira to go in front. Amihan ordered Imaw to start the challenge. Imaw commanded his tungkod to start the challenge. A magical ball was released from Imaw’s tungkod and landed on Lira. A few seconds later, hundreds of Liras appeared in front of Anthony. Amihan told Anthony to choose who among them is the real Lira, and if he could choose the real Lira, then he is free to take Lira back to the mortal world.


Anthony is choosing who among the hundreds of Liras is the real Lira. He went to the right side and looked at the Liras. Dissatisfied, he transferred to the other side and looked at the other set of Liras. He asked one Lira if she was Mila. The Lira just stared at Anthony. Knowing that he would fail to Amihan’s challenge, he approached Amihan and told her that he could not take the challenge. Ybarro told Anthony that Amihan willingly accepted his challenge it is his turn to accept Amihan’s challenge. Amihan told Anthony that she gave this challenge to him to test how well does Anthony’s heart know Lira. Amihan added that she would only give Anthony one opportunity to choose. Anthony is still confused on which Lira to choose.

Kabanata 152: Ang Tagapagmana

Mira came and then Pirena. Mira wanted to have a fight with Pirena but Pirena refused.

Pirena: “ Hindi kita lalabanan. Natutuwa ako na maayos ka at walang nangyari sayo at nagbalik ka na.” (“ I’m not going to fight you. I’m happy to see that you’re well and nothing bad happens to you and that you came back.”)
Mira: “ Lumaban ka Pirena!” (“ Fight me Pirena!”)
Pirena: “ hindi kita lalabanan!” (“ I’m not going to fight you!”)

Mira then pointed a sword to her mother. Mira fought her mother, Pirena tried to avoid the blows but got wounded.

Anthony is still looking for the real Lira.

Alena: “ Husayan mo ang iyong pagpili, kung tunay mo ngang mahal si Lira mahahanap mo siya.” (“ Try your best to find her. If yoy truly love her you will find her.”)

Agane came. She attacked Mira. Mira then fell asleep. Agane told Pirena that the spirit of Mira’s heart was taken from her. That Mira has no emotion now.

Anthony is still looking for the real Lira. He asked one Lira if she is the real one. Then he looked again. Then he picked one and showed to Amihan.

Amihan: “ Siya na ba ang napili mo?” (“ Is she the real one?”)
Anthony: “ Hindi siya.” (“ It’s not her.”)

Amihan gave him one last chance.

A place in Encantadia:
Cass appeared in front of Avilan. She told him that he will have to go back to Sapiro so that he can be cured by Ybrahim.

Anthony is still searching for the real Lira while reminiscing the past.

Anthony: “ Mila, natatandaan mo pa ba noong mga bata pa tau? Sinabi ko na ako ang magiging tagapagligtas mo. Pero iba ang nangyari, ikaw ang nagging tagapagligtas ko. Ikaw ang nagpapalakas ng loob ko. At ikaw lang ang kaibigan na karamay ko sa lahat. Ikaw yung hangin na bumubuhay sakin. At kung mawawala ka ikamamatay ko.” (“ Mila, do you still remember our childhood days? I told you then that I will be your knight in shining armour. But now it’s different, you became my saviour. You always make me strong. You are my only friend that is always there when I need someone. You are the air that makes me live. And I will die if you leave.”)

When he picked another Lira and showed the girl to Amihan. He is so sure it is the real one. And truly the greatest magic is the power of love for he picked the real one.

Lira is crying while talking to Anthony. They hugged each other.
Ybarro didn’t agree on what is happening. Then Wantuk told that Anthony’s nose is bleeding then Anthony fainted.

Ybrahim refuses to heal Anthony.

Lira told them that Anthony should be return to the mortal world and that she will be the one to accompany him. Amihan refused but Lira said that they should not disagree for it was their deal and Anthony won the challenge. Lira then decided to get the medallion but Ybrahim show the medallion to Lira. Lira is shocked to leran that the medallion is in her father’s hand. Ybrahim refuses to give the medallion back. He didn’t want Lira to leave Encantadia. Lira said that she have to get the other medallion from Mira when Pirena appeared and told them what happened. She told them that someone stole the spirit of Mira’s heart. Lira stubborn as usual, still wanted to go to Mira. Amihan tried to stop her but still leave. Amihan told them that she will be the one to follow Lira.

Hagorn is talking to Mira and Asval.

Mira: “ Kung hindi pinagtangkaan ng hathor ang buhay ko marahil napatay ko na si Pirena! Isang pagkakataon na ninakaw pa sa akin!” (“ If that hathor didn’t tried to kill me, Pirena should be dead by now! A chance that was stolen from me!”)

Asval healed Mira and Hagorn gave Mira her ability to create fire again.

Kabanata 153: Ang Laban ng Dalawang Sang’gre

Ybarro heals Pirena’s wound and Pirena thanks him. Alena asks Pirena if she’s sure about what Agane said. Pirena answers that she is in fact sure about it and Lavanea, the guardian of the volcano, is the one who took away Mira’s feelings. Pirena plans to go to Lavanea.

Alena: “Hindi ka nag-iisa, Pirena… sasamahan kita…” (“You are not alone, Pirena… I wil go with you…”)

Lira orbs in the Lirean throne room. The Hathors attack and the sang’gre easily exerts an air blast, knocking off all the Hathors.

Lira: “Hindi kayo ang kailangan ko…! Nasan si Mira?” (“You are not the ones I need…! Where is Mira?”)

Mira enters the throne room and Lira tells her to go back to Sapiro. But Mira tells her that she belongs to Lireo and she will not go. Lira insists that she must for Anthony needs her, and tells her that she knows that Mira also loves Anthony. Mira firmly tells Lira that she knows nothing about him now, all she knows is that she’s going to stop her from being queen.

Mira and Lira match their skills in sword fighting, and later on, with their elemental powers.

In Sapiro, Ybarro tells Aquil that he tried to heal Anthony, but to no avail. Aquil tells him that the only way to save him is to bring him back to the mortal world. (hmmm... bati na kayo?) Suddenly, Wantuk and Apek came rushing in, with Apek holding an injured bird. Wantuk says that they will cook it. They excitedly turned away, but Ybarro stopped them.

Alena and Pirena enter Lavanea’s cave. Pirena suspects that Lavanea is there.

Back in Lireo, Lira and Mira continue to fight with the sword. Mira was able to push Lira aside, causing her to fall on her knees. Amihan orbs in and uses her powers to oppose the young sang’gre. Hagorn arrives and helps Mira. Lira, in turn, helps her mother. A clash of fire and wind transpired in the scene. (oohhh... astig ang scene! my fave part...) Agane comes in, holding a bladed weapon. (Panira ka naman e! Ang ganda na ng laban!)

Alena and Pirena were calling for Lavanea. Uruvaks suddenly come rushing in, flying everywhere and causing the sang’gres to be distracted. Pirena used her daggers and Alena used her spear to fight off the horrible bat-like pashneas.

Wantuk and Apek discuss the thing they’ll do with the wounded bird. Ybarro tells them that the bird still needs to be healed. He heals the bird and it transforms to its original Mulawin form.

Agane throws the bladed weapon at Lira. Amihan directs the energy ball in another direction and ends the fight. She then grabs Lira’s arm and teleports away.

Mira picks up the weapon and is familiar with it.

Mira: “Ito ang sandatang sumugat sa akin…” (“This is the weapon that inflicted a wound on me…”)

Hagorn angrily grabs Agane by the neck and starts to strangle her. Asval arrives and stops Hagorn. Hagorn madly tells him that Agane has done something wrong and yet he takes her side. Asval says that Agane may have done wrong, but still they need her for a much stronger force in the nearing war between the two forces.(uuuyyy... pinagtatanggol si Aggy...Lolo Bigote ha, napaghahalataan ka! )

Pirena and Alena continue to fight off the uruvaks. A ray of light comes down and Lavanea appears.

Lavanea: “Anong kailangan sa ‘kin ng mga kapwa ko diwata?” (“What do you need from me, my fellow diwatas?”)

Pirena answers that they need to get back the spirit of her daughter’s heart.

Avilan thanks Ybrahim. Ybrahim asks the ancestor of the Mulawins how he got his wound. Avilan answers that he got it when he went to Balaak to search for Sang’gre Danaya. Ybrahim asks where the sang’gre is now, and Avilan tells him that he didn’t find her there and she doesn’t know where she is.

Inside Lavanea’s cave…

Pirena: “Wag mo kong pagtatawanan, Lavanea…! Ibalik mo ang puso ng aking anak!” (“Don’t laugh at me, Lavanea…! Bring back my daughter’s heart!”)

Lavanea firmly tells the sang’gre that she has just experienced having feelings and she won’t bring back Mira’s feelings. Pirena tells her that she is the guardian of the volcano and she doesn’t need to have feelings. But still, Lavanea doesn’t want to bring it back. She then uses the power of her voice to fend off the sang’gres. Alena and Pirena fight Lavanea.

In Sapiro, Amihan and Lira appear. Ybrahim welcomes them. Amihan narrates to him what has happened. Ybrahim then cures Lira’s wound. The young sang’gre thanks her father and asks him how Anthony is doing. Ybrahim sadly tells Lira that he tried to cure him but he did not succeed. Amihan starts to leave but she was stopped by Ybrahim when the Sapiryan prince told her about what happened to Danaya. Avilan enters and gives Danaya’s leaf to Amihan and narrates to her his experience in Balaak. The Lirean Queen realizes that her youngest sister was incarcerated by Hagorn.

Lavanea uses her voice again and Pirena and Alena use their powers to oppose her. Lavanea disappears. To make her come back, Alena uses her magical voice. Lavanea appears again and says she will never be defeated. Pirena wants to attack her but Alena stops her eldest sister. She showed the water gem to Lavanea but the volcano fairy says that she cannot stop her if she wants to make the volcano erupt. Pirena pulls Alena away from Lavanea and tells her that that is not the way to defeat her. She says that she wants to know if Mira really loves her and since Lavanea has Mira’s feelings, they can prove it if Alena hurts her. (smart ka talaga Pirena!)

Lira hums to a weak and sleeping Anthony. He wakes up and sees Lira. Lira holds his hand and Anthony tells her that he loves her, and to always remember that he loves her very much. Anthony, getting more weak, slowly closes his eyes. (naku... sana matuluyan ka na!!! peace!!!!) A worried Lira starts to check on him and calls Wantuk. Wantuk enters and tells her he will call Amihan.

Kabanata 154: Ang Puso ni Mira

Hagorn wonders why Danaya is gone. Hitano shows something to Hagorn and tells him that that is the only thing that was left in Balaak. Mira enters and tells them they need to attack the diwatas. Hagorn tells her that they only got one gem and they’re not sure if it can win over the three other gems that the diwatas possess. Mira says that they only have two gems, because she doubts it if Danaya has already found her way to Sapiro. Hagorn can also call her a gem, for she knows that Pirena will not hurt her. As the Queen of Lireo, she orders them to attack Sapiro.

In Sapiro, Ybarro, Amihan and Imaw enters. They see Lira, and she tells them that she feels Anthony’s dead. Ybarro checks on Anthony, and sadly tells Lira that Anthony is gone. Lira starts to cry. She knows Encantadia has not attained peace yet, but why did it not favor Anthony? Why did it let their love end? Is this how unmerciful Bathala is? Imaw tries to calm her down by saying that maybe this is what is destined to happen. She feels bad that she did not fight for their love. She thinks that she should, even if it’s not for the good of Encantadia, for Anthony is her life. (susme, iha, ano ka ba? sasayangin mo ang lahat ng pinaghirapan mo para sa kanyang nagiging lapastangan na? think about it!!! maawa ka sa inay mo...)

Hitano asks Hagorn if he thinks that Mira is right, and says that he does not approve of what Mira wants to do for they are not yet ready. Hagorn orders Hitano not to attack yet until he comes back. Hitano asks him where he’s going and Hagorn says that he will aid the help of their ancestors for they need to win in this war.

Pirena tells Alena to start hurting her. Alena does not want to, but Pirena tells her they need to do it so that Lavanea will feel pity on her. Lavanea seems to have heard their conversation.

Lavanea: “Makaramdam ng ano?” (“Feel what?”)

Of course, Pirena refuses to tell her and instead asks Alena to start hurting her. Alena uses her powers to choke Pirena. Lavanea seems to feel pity on the fire sang’gre. Alena stops hurting Pirena.

In Sapiro, a voice-over of Alena’s sad song was heard in the scene while Lira continues to cry over Anthony. Her parents could only look at their daughter as she continues to sob. (haha, alam kong may mga tao dyan na kinilig instead na maiyak... hehehehe) A butterfly on Bathala’s statue comes alive and it lands on Anthony. Anthony seems to be brought back to life. Lira realizes that Anthony is alive and slowly stops crying. They hug each other. A very astonished Imaw exclaimed that Anthony is alive. (sayang di pa natuluyan! peace ulit!)

Amihan: “Tama nga si Inay…” (“Mother is indeed right…”)

Flashback: Ynang Reyna Minea tells a young Amihan that the real power of Encantadia is found in the heart, and that love, not a sword, will be the key for Encantadia to achieve the peace it is longing for.

Amihan: “…ang pinakamakapangyarihang makiha ay ang kapangyarihan ng pag-ibig…” (“… the greatest magic is the power of love…”) (yon!!! kay Amihan nanggaling yung tagline!!! kaso bakit kina anthony pa napatunayan..? di ko ineexpect yun ha... but glad na si Amihan ang talagang unang una nakaalam non...)

Mira looks for Hagorn. Agane tells her that he went somewhere because he needs to turn to important things. Mira asks them when will Hagorn be back. Agane tells her she has no idea, but Hagorn did tell them that they should not attack Sapiro when he’s not yet around. But Mira did not approve of it, she wants to attack Sapiro, right now. Agane turns to Asval and asks him why Hagorn trusts a very stubborn sang’gre. Asval tells her to just let Mira decide since it will be great if Mira will fight the sang’gres.

Asval: “Sang’gre laban sa sang’gre…” (“Sang’gre versus sang’gre…)

Agane asks where Danaya is and Hitano tells her that she is gone but he knows that the diwata has not reached Sapiro yet.

Flashback: Asval freed Danaya but did not untie her hands.

In Sapiro, Imaw was amazed of what he saw. Lira was able to bring back Anthony’s life through the power of her love. The Adamyan leader asks Amihan if there’s anything that’s causing her fear and anxiety. Amihan tells Imaw that she is just thinking about Danaya’s whereabouts. She summons the air jewel but still she cannot see Danaya. Amihan calls for her kambal-diwa, and Aera appears right before her. She orders Aera to search for Danaya and Aera went off to follow her lord’s order. (nice effects...!)

Somewhere in the woods, Asval pulls Danaya and tells her she should be thankful that he freed him. Danaya firmly says that she has nothing to thank for, for she also fell in the wrong hands. Asval tells her to give her gem in exchange for her life. Danaya, of course, was not willing to give her gem. But Asval tells her that the Hathors will attack Sapiro, so if she wants to go back and help her sisters, she must give up her gem.

Danaya: “Pano ko sila matutulungan kung kukunin mo ang aking brilyante?” (“How will I be able to help them if you will get my gem?”)

She again tells him she will not give up the earth gem. She tried to fight Asval, but with her hands tied, she was not able to. (wahahaha si Asval, na-headbutt! kaso naku, delikado si Danaya!)

Lavanea wonders why she feels pity on her, and Pirena tells her that it is because she holds Mira’s feelings. Lavanea doesn’t want to deal with them anymore and starts to leave but Alena hurts Pirena again and threatens her.

Lavanea: “Wag! Tama na! Tama na ang pananakit sa aking ina!” (“Don’t! Stop it! Stop hurting my mother!”)

Pirena tells Lavanea to bring back the spirit of Mira’s heart. (Ibigay mo na kasi... ang tigas ng ulo mo e!)

Danaya tells Asval to just kill her instead, for she will never give up her gem.

Asval: “Dapat ka talagang mamatay!” (“You really must die!”)

Danaya tells him to do it. Asval slits Danaya’s throat. (grrr... ASVAL!!! sobra ka na ha! tatlong sang'gre na yun...!) The earth sang’gre falls on the ground and an earthquake occurs.

Kabanata 155 : Mag-inang Sang'gre


Amihan and Ybarro were talking about what happened to Lira and Anthony. Anthony lived again by the power of love. Amihan noticed Ybarro. She asked if something was wrong with Ybarro.


Lira opened the "vortex" to the world of mortals. She told Anthony to go there to the mortal world. Anthony didn't want to go. But Lira forced him, for many beings needs her, more than their love. Anthony was forced. He went inside the vortex. Lira closed it. Still, they were sad.

=Lavanea's Cave=
Lavanea gave the spirit of the heart of Mira to Pirena. "I wouldn't need it anymore," Lavanea said to them. Pirena thanked her. Lavanea disappeared, orbed away with orange curvy lines going up. Pirena was holding the Alena told Pirena they have to go. They orbed away.

=Somewhere in Encantadia, near a cave=

Asval looked around. He carried Danaya and put her near a cave. He went inside this cave. He opened his hands and sparkles showed. Asval looked mad, and dissapointed. He threw this at the outside, and stones fell. Asval left, but he didn't see that flowers and plants grew near the stones that cover the cave's hole.


Aera was somewhere a few distance form the cave. With her there's a feather. She ordered it to help her find Danaya. Then nearer to the cave, the feather stopped. Aera was getting impatient. She ordered it to go on. Then it pointed to the covered cave and the flowers. Aera admired the flowers for they are beautiful. She suddenly thought that Sang'gre Danaya was dead.

The adjantaos were walking fast with the Hathors. They were going somewhere. Alena and Pirena were there. Alena thought and said to Pirena that the Hathors are preparing for a war. Pirena ordered Alena to go back to Sapiro and tell Amihan. Pirena can take care of herself in Lireo.
Mira was touching the part of her chest where her heart was, without the spirit. It glowed. Agane and Hitano came to tell that they were ready. They now came to the place near the throne. Agane ordered Hitano to lead the Hathors and go to Adamya and prepare. Then Mira was silent. She was feeling something, and Agane asked what it was. Pirena came. Pirena came for her daughter, Mira. Then Pirena took out the spirit of heart of Mira, and showed it. She offered it to Mira. Mira came near her. "Bakit ko tatanggapin ito kung masasaktan rin akong muli?/Why will I accept it if I will just be hurt again?" Mira said. She was about to attack Pirena. Pirena defended herself without hurting Mira. Mira pointed her sword to Pirena's neck. Pirena dropped one of her daggers.

Agane: Patayin mo na sya, Mira! / Kill her, Mira!
Pirena: Sige, subukan mo. Kung kaya mong patayin ang sarili mong ina!

=Somewhere in Encantadia, near a cave=
Aera sat down on the stone. She said to herself, she failed to do what she has to. She cried, and had tears, and it flew down one of the stems. Then the flowers glowed. Danaya was standing. Danaya said Aera didn't fail. Aera and Danaya were happy. They now orbed away to Sapiro.

There was a flashback, when Pirena died. It was Mira's flashbacks. "Kilala kita/ I know you," Mira exclaimed. Pirena hugged Mira. (Even without the spirit of her heart, she had feelings. Wow!) Mira dropped her sword. Then Mira stepped backwards, holding her chest. She sat down on the stairs. Pirena quickly grabbed her other dagger, and attacked Agane. When she was fighting, Mira stood up. Pirena pointed one of her daggers to Agane's neck. Asval arrived and saw this, so he came near Mira who didn't know he was coming. He pointed his axe to Mira's neck.

"Ang pagbabalik sa nakaraan..."
It was about Etheria. Cassiopeia when she was young, Ybarro listening to one of Asval's sidekicks about the TRUE story of Etheria.

Kabanata 156: Ang Simula ng Huling Laban

In Lireo, Lira is praying to Bathala. She prays that she may have the strength to fulfill her mission. She prays that may Bathala give her enough wisdom to choose which is right. She also asks for Bathala’s guidance so that she may do what’s best for Lireo and Encantadia.

In Balaak, Hagorn is also praying to Bartimus. He is praying that may the almighty Bartimus hear his plea. He is asking Bartimus to help him defeat the Diwatas and make Encantadia as his own forever. After a while, Bartimus appeared to Hagorn. Hagorn paid homage to Bartimus. Bartimus gave Hagorn a sulo. Bartimus told him that in order to defeat the diwatas, he must light up that sulo and all mighty warriors from Hathoria will arise. Hagorn looked at the sulo curiously.(at first I thought it was a scroll)

In Lireo, Pirena told Asval to free Mira. Asval told Pirena that he will only give Mira back to her if she also hands Agane back to him. Pirena followed Asval’s order. She freed Agane and in turn, Asval also let go of Mira BUT he pulled Mira again and told Pirena that she trusts anyone easily. He told her that her being a sanggre is once again alive within her. Pirena glared at Asval. Asval in turn, glared at Pirena too and mercilessly stabbed Mira in her back.(unfair talaga c Asval as usual!! naku!!! ) After Asval stabbed Mira, he and Agane orbed away. Pirena ran to catch Mira.


In Sapiro, Amihan was standing in the hallway, looking worried. Ybrahim noticed that Amihan was worried. He asked Amihan if Danaya is the one who is worrying her. Amihan told Ybrahim that not only Danaya is worrying her. Something else is also bothering her too. But before Ybrahim could ask a question again, Lira arrived. Lira happily greeted Amihan and Ybrahim. Lira told Amihan that she wants Aquil and his troops to get ready because they are going on a battle for Lireo at once. Ybrahim told Lira that her decision surprised him. He also asked him if she is really commanding Aquil. Aquil, who was just at the back of the pillars, told Lira that he would be very honored to follow her every order. Amihan told Lira that her decision really surprised her and maybe she should stop a bit and think about it for a while. Lira told Ybrahim that they were the ones who have been telling her that she is the rightful queen of Lireo and now is the right time to prove her worth. Ybrahim told Lira that she could count on their full support.

In Lireo, Pirena was still cradling Mira in her arms. She told Mira to hold on because they will go to Sapiro at once so that they could heal her. Mira told her not to do it because she wants to be in Lireo, her real home. Pirena still told Mira to hold on. Mira told Pirena that it is no use because the butterflies are already here. Mira told Pirena that she is very honored to be called Mira, the daughter of Pirena. And then, Mira breathed her last. Pirena grieved over Mira’s death as the butterflies are slowly increasing in number.

In Sapiro, Lira told them that they should go now and make Lireo theirs once again. Ybrahim told her that he really believes in Lira’s bravery and courage. She is truly indeed the rightful queen of Lireo and of Encantadia.

In Lireo, Pirena told Mira that she could not allow that Mira’s death will not be given justice. She swears that she will take vengeance for Mira’s death and she swears that she will take revenge on Asval and she will be the one who will take his life for good.

In Sapiro, Alena orbed and reported to Amihan that the Hathors are readying for an upcoming battle. She told Amihan that they must get ready too. Amihan told Alena that they are getting ready, and with Lira’s lead, she’s pretty sure that they would win the battle against the Hathors. Aquil told his troops to get ready for they will soon go to Adamya and fight against the dreadful Hathors. As Aquil and his troops walked away, Amihan hugged Lira. Ybrahim also joined Amihan and Lira. Alena looked at the family happily.


In Adamya, Ybrahim and the others are planning for the battle. Asval, who is on the other side of the shore, watched Ybrahim’s troops through his binoculars. He told Agane that he pities Ybrahim because he knows that with that small number of soldiers, they could never defeat the Hathors. The both laughed sinisterly. On the other side, Alena told Ybrahim if they are going to meet the konseho of the war. Lira asked what a konseho is. Ybrahim told Lira that before a war, there should be a little discussion with the konseho to agree if one of the troops would give up or not. Ybrahim asked Amihan if she will surrender or not. Amihan looked at Ybrahim confusingly and told him that she is a bit scared because Danaya and Pirena have not yet arrived. Ybrahim told her that she must not lose courage because she and Lira are the heart of the war. All the rest looks up unto them. They should show the people that they are not willing to give up on those dreadful creatures. Amihan told him that she would pursue the fight against the Hathors, with or without Danaya and Pirena. Aquil told Amihan that he not only sees two queens but also a worthy prince of Sapiro as well. He reached out his hand to Ybrahim as a sign of peace. Ybrahim shook hands with Aquil, and that was the sign that they were good old friends again. (hay salamat at natapos na din ang gulo ni Ybz at Aquil.)

In the forest, Hagorn is walking in the woods. He stares at the trees that surround him. He still continues to walk around, as if he was ignorant of his surroundings. (well, this is how I describe him here… hehe) He stops and summons the gem of fire. He commands the gem of fire to light up the sulo. The gem of fire released its power and lit up the sulo. After a while, an earthquake occurred. The earthquake lasted only for a short while. After the earthquake, several Hathors (that appears to be more powerful than the usual…) appeared out of the blue. Then, they showed their unbelievable skills in handling swords. (di na yata madaling matatalo ang mga to ah) then, the Hathors were followed by dementor-like creatures. Hagorn proclaimed that the best and finest and fiercest warriors of Encantadia have arrived. Then he laughed his usual sinisterly laugh.


In Cassiopeia’s lair, Cass looked in her cauldron. She sees the war between the Hathors and the Diwatas. She prays that may the Diwatas win this battle. She prays that may the Diwatas emerge victorious in this war.

Ybrahim and Amihan met with Asval and Agane. Amihan asked Asval why Hagorn, the King of the Hathors is not with them. Asval asked her in turn where Danaya and Pirena are. Asval told her that with only two brilyantes with her as of the moment, it would not be impossible that the hathors could easily defeat them. Ybrahim told Asval that he knows giving up is never in a sapiryan’s vocabulary. Asval asked Amihan whether or not the diwatas would be willing to give up. Amihan said that she would never give up this battle. Ybrahim told Asval that this konseho is useless and they should go and start the battle instead. Amihan and Ybrahim grabbed their swords while Agane and Asval do the same. Ybrahim (aba may huling hirit pa ha) told Asval that he would look for him in the battle. Asval told Ybarro that he would fight him.

Kabanata 157: Dugo ang kulay ng dilim

Amihan, Ybrahim, Aquil, Lira, and the others are talking. They are thinking on what are Asval’s plans. Lira said that it will just be easy for them to defeat the enemies. But Aquil didn’t agree on that. He told them that Asval is one of the master mind behind Etheria’s fall.
Asval told Hitano and Agane that the new soldiers from the Ajantaos will be the first to attack Amihan’s Army.

Border of Hathoria:
Hagorn told the hadesars that there is a war waiting for them and they need to win that war.

Hitano ordered the Ajantao to attack. Lira and the others saw it. Aquil wanted to fire the Ajantaos because they are their enemies now but Amihan stopped Aquil. When Amihan realizes that it is better for them to fire the Ajantaos, Lira stopped them. Then the Ajantaos allied with them. Asval is so furious. He ordered the first fleet of the hathors to attack. Aquil fire the hathors. The first fleet was defeated. Then Danaya appeared. Everyone is so glad to see her. Then a sad Pirena came. She is crying while telling everyone that Asval had killed Mira.

Pirena: “ Patay na si Mira. Pinatay ni Asval.” ( “ Mira is dead. She was killed by Asval.”)

Then Danaya also told them that Asval also killed her but brought back to life by her flower friends.

Pirena: “ Maswerte ka Danaya, pero walang ganyang swerte ang anak ko.” ( “ Your lucky Danaya, but my daughter was not.”)

Amihan hugged Pirena.

Amihan: “ Ipaghihiganti natin si Mira.” (“ We are going to avenge Mira’s death.”)

Night falls. Agane told Asval and Hitano that the 4 sang’gre are now united. Asval ordered them to get the cannon ready. They fired the diwatas, sapiryan, and adamyans. Alena said that she will be the one to stop the flaming balls. Alena then created a shield. Amihan told them to get ready to attack the hathors when Pirena stopped them and told them that Hagorn is coming. Aquil was surprised to see that Hagorn is with the hadesar and ularkan.

Aquil: “ Imposible! Matagal na silang naglaho.” ( “ Impossible! They had vanished a long time ago.”)
Ybrahim: “ Kilala ko ang mga yan!” ( “ I know them!”)

Aquil told them that the hadesars are not easy to defeat.

Amihan said that they have the ability to fight them but what about the other encantados/encantadas who haven’t. hagorn and the others are starting to rejoice for they can see thar victory will be theirs. Hagorn told them that they have very strong allies. Then Hagorn asked them where Mira is. Agane said that Hagorn should ask Asval about it. Asval told Hagorn that he killed Mira. Hagorn became angry.

Imaw told Amihan and Lira that they are now ready to fight. Amihan and Lira were surprised to see Imaw and the adamyans for she told them to wait for them at Sapiro. Hagorn ordered the hathors to attack. Amihan also ordered their fleet to attack the hathors.

Amihan: “ Tibayan ninyo ang loob ninyo! Para sa Lireo!” (“ Be strong! For Lireo!”)
Ybrahim: “ Para sa Sapiro!” (“ For Sapiro!”)
Imaw: “ Para sa Adamya!” (“ For Adamya!”)
Lira: “Para sa Encantadia!” (For Encantadia!”)
Amihan: “SUGOD!” (“ATTACK!”)

The fight between the hathors and diwatas together with sapiryan, and adamyans had begun. After a series of fight with the hathors, the hathors began to move backwards. The hadesars started to attack. Asval was so happy to see that the sang’gres cannot defeat the hadesars.

A place in Encantadia:
Cass is looking the gold she collected. She is glad to see that the 4 sang’gre are now reunited. She said that she will be free from the curse soon. She put some of the gold on the cauldron. She then showers herself with it. Then all of a sudden her wings were brought back.

Amihan is looking for Danaya and Pirena. Alena told her that the 2 are helping the wounded at the back. Lira told them that many of them got wounded and many of them are now dead. Asval came. Asval told them to just give up the fight but Ybrahim said that he will not give up.

Amihan: “ Hindi, hindi kami susuko! Lalabanan naming si Hagorn hanggang sa huli!” (“ No, no we are not going to give up! We are going to fight Hagorn till the end!”)
Asval: “ Pagsisisihan mo yan Reyna Amihan.” (“ You are going to regret this Queen Amihan.”)
Asval orbed out.

Lira: “ Hoy balbas! Bumalik ka dito at aahitan kita!” (“ Hey balbas! Come back here!”)

Pirena and Danaya came. They are making a decision if their will give up or not. Imaw said that he is ready to give up. Then the adamyan flag was put on the ground. Ybrahim said that he will not give up. Amihan asked Aquil to get the Lireo flag.

Amihan is now ready to put their flag on the ground. Hagorn and the others are now rejoicing.

Lira: “Dakilang bathala, huwag ninyo po kaming pababayaan.” (“ Emre, help us….”)

Amihan, having second thoughts was stopped by Ybrahim.

Cass came. She told Lira that the help she is wishing for is now here. Agimat with the Ajantaos came. Wahid and the barbaros came. Also the mulawin came to help. Amihan said thank you to all of them. Cass said that another help will be coming.

Amihan said that she will not give up. Asval became nagry on what was happening. The Ajantaos, barbaros, and mulawin said that they will not give up. That they will fight with them until the end. Then all of them begin to attack.

Amihan: “Ano pang hinhintay natin, para sa Encantadia, para sa kapayapaan. Sugod.” (She said it in such a soft voice but with authority.) ( “What are we waiting for? For Encantadia, for peace! Attack.”)

Kabanata 158: Sa Anino ng mga Nasawi

The episode begins with the diwatas attacking. They fight that hadesars and the olarkans. The battle continues. Banak and Nakba also fight the Hathors. Awoo and the Adamyans help by wrestling them. On the other side of Adamya, Alena fights Hitano and Agane. Alena manages to throw an energy ball at Agane. Alena then fights Hitano. Flashback: Hitano (Berdano) is with Alena (Akesha). Hitano remembers Akesha. Unknown to Alena, Agane has regained her strength and is ready to attack her but Hitano blocks her attack.

Alena: “Niligtas mo ko…” (“You saved me…”)

Agane who has regained strength again then stabs Hitano’s back. Alena exerts a full blast of energy at Agane.

Hitano: “Sa kabila ng lahat ng nangyari, ikaw pa rin ang laman ng puso ko… Sana mapatawad mo ko…” (“After all that has happened, you’re still the one my heart beats for…I hope that you’ll forgive me…”)

Alena: “Pinapatawad na kita…” (“I forgive you…”)

Hitano thanks Alena and turns back to his original diwata form. Hitano then dies.

Not far from the scene, Aquil and Danaya are fighting the olarkans and the hadesars. A hadesar managed to slash Aquil in the face and because of the fatality of the weapon that wounded him, he started to get weak. Danaya rushes in to help Aquil, and she summons the earth gem to heal him. But Aquil does not want to be healed.

Aquil: “Sapat na ang aking buhay, para makasama ka at mahalin ka…mahal na mahal kita, Danaya...”

Danaya: “Mahal na mahal din kita, Aquil… I love you……”

Aquil: “E corre diu…”

Aquil held his last breath and Danaya grieves over him. Alena approaches her and the sisters hug each other.

Lira fights the Hathors and defeats them. Cassiopeia enters and seeing the Hathors behind Lira’s back, she exerts an energy ball to save her. Lira tells Cassiopeia that the Hathors are easier to kill than the olarkans and the hadesars. Cassiopeia tells her that help is coming. Armeo and Kahlil come down from Devas. Lira welcomes them and tells them that her father will be so glad to see them. Armeo tells her that there’s a time for that, and for now, let the battle continue.

Armeo and Kahlil fight the Hathors. After defeating them, hadesars came and they managed to defeat them also.

The battle continues.

Muros comes face to face with Bandok. Muros defeats him then turns to fight the others. Bandok regains strength and attacks Muros but he was alert so he was able to stab Bandok before he was able to attack him.

Armeo tells Lira that they need to follow the hadesars. Lira tells them not to leave because they just arrived. Armeo explains that they are the only ones who can defeat them so they need to. Armeo also tells her that they will leave but assures her that he will come face to face with Ybarro. Armeo and Kahlil disappear. Ybarro comes and Lira narrates to him what Armeo said.

Apek encounters Axilom and they fight. Axilom manages to defeat Apek at first, but the warrior continues to fight.

Wantuk encounters some Hathors. Luck was on his side, for he was able to defeat them.

Amihan comes face to face with Hagorn. She firmly says that after this battle, she will be able to avenge her father. Hagorn tells her that she will join her father in Devas. They fight. Amihan was able to slash Hagorn in the face.

Apek and Axilom continue to fight and this time, Apek was able to defeat Axilom.

Wantuk fights a couple of Hathors and defeats one of them but the other one attacks. He bites the Hathor on the arm and luckily again, he was able to defeat the Hathor.

Back to Amihan and Hagorn’s fight…

Amihan: “Ngayon, Hagorn, pantay na ang pagmumukha mo!”

The two continues to fight. Hagorn exerts an energy ball at Amihan, causing her to fall from the impact. Pirena suddenly enters and fights Hagorn.

Pirena: “Bago ka tuluyang manahimik, Hagorn, kasama ang mga kampon mo, ikaw ba ang aking ama? Ikaw ba ang aking ama? *Pirena said it loudly*”

Pirena fights Hagorn. Amihan, regaining her strength, attacks and stabs Hagorn. Hagorn falls on the ground. He summons the fire gem and Pirena gets it. Hagorn almost told Pirena about her true lineage but Hagorn dies. Pirena grieves because she did not know her true identity. Amihan comforts her.

Ybarro and the Mulawins fight the Hathors. Asval enters and Ybarro thells the Mulawins that he’ll be the one to fight him.

Cassiopeia approaches Pirena and Amihan. Amihan stands up and gets the Kabilan. She bows down to Cassiopeia and gives it to her.

Ybarro encounters Asval.

Ybarro: “Hindi ba’t sinabi ko na sa ‘yo na matatapos ang labang ito sa kamatayan mo, Asval?”

Asval: “Kaya mong pumatay ng sarili mong kalahi? Ng iyong aldo?”

Ybarro: “Kahit kailan ay di kita kinikilalang kalahi…”

They fight. Asval manages to defeat Ybarro but he was determined, that’s why he was able to stab him. Asval gives back Lira’s cantao and tells Ybarro that that is the key to Sapiro. In the heart of Sapiro is where he’ll find the answer. Asval then dies.

Kabanata 159: Ynang Reyna

The war is over. The Hathors have been defeated and whatever remains of their forces are scattered and feeble. Peace and freedom have at last returned to Encantadia. However victory comes at a terrible price.

Ybrahim is crowned king of Sapiro. He thanks all of those present for their help in the war, and relays his and Amihan’s condolences to those who lost their loved ones. Someone asks where the diwatas are. He says they are calling upon Bathala to guide and accept the lost Sapirian souls. The celebration ends with fireworks.

Back in the Lirean palace, Amihan leads the five sanggres as well as wantuk and apek in praying (again) for the souls of THEIR people. Amihan turns, and Lira says they need to do one more thing. Suddenly Cass speaks up (in enchanta) from behind: they must reunite the four jewels.

Meanwhile, (supposedly) in the bowels of the Sapirian keep, Wahid and Ybrahim come upon an old ruined hallway filled with cobwebs. Wahid sees two glowing kantao-shaped indentions in a column to the right. He takes out liras kantao, then his and puts them in place. The earth shakes, and a wall to the left withdraws. A room/huge cave full of literal treasure appears (ano to? The Mummy? But it makes sense. They’re gonna need to fund the reconstruction of Sapiro. Im beginning to think merchants by trade ang mga Sapirian)

Back in front of the Lirean gates, the four sanggres are facing each other in a circle. Lira asks if they are ready. Pirena is the first to answer, holding out the Fire Jewel. Alena goes next, then Danaya, and finally, Amihan. Lira holds out her hand and chants a spell. The four jewels are slowly enveloped in a soft white light that covers even their hands, and the Hope Diamond appears. It floats to the sky, and a bright ethereal glow coves the five sanggres. Minea appears to her daughters.

Ybrahim thinks aloud that this must be the treasure Asval was speaking of. Wahid comments that Ybrahim must be happy with his vast inheritance. Ybrahim refutes the statement, saying that the treasure is for all sapirians, adding that a kingdom’s real treasure is its people, people loyal to their kingdom and their unwavering love for enca.

Minea appears before her children and addresses each of her daughters one by one. Pirena first. Pirena humbly asks for forgiveness, but Minea says whatever wrongdoing she did was to herself for neglecting her duties. But that’s all in the past now. She’s so happy that the Pirena she loved and cherished is back.

Minea: Iba na ang Pirena na aking kaharap (Im looking at a different Pirena now)

Minea then turns to Alena. She tells the water sanggre that contrary to her belief, she did hear her pleas and felt her pain during the hardships. Where her heart was once her weakness, it is now her greatest strength.

She turns to Danaya, her stubborn, steadfast, and brave daughter. Danaya learned fear and gentleness, and she’s proud.

Minea: "Sapagkat ngayon ay buong-buo ka na." (because now you are whole).

As she turns to Amihan, the soon-to-be-former queen breaks down in tears, unable to contain her remorse.

"Hindi ako karapat-dapat. Binigo kita ina. Bumagsak ang Lireo dahil sa akin..." (Im not worthy. I failed you mother. Lireo fell because of me).

Minea shakes her head and refutes the statement, declaring that she’s the luckiest mother for having an heir like Amihan.

The four sisters hold hands, and Minea thanks Lira for giving her the chance to be with her daughters again, even if only for a while.

"Bakit ina saan ka pupunta?" (Why? Where are you going, mother?), Pirena asks. Danaya pleads with her to stay, but Minea tells them that they dont need to see her to feel her love. They will be each other’s mother, they will be enca’s mothers. She brings out the diamond, and entrusts it to her daughters, bidding them to remain united, for they will be its (the diamond) keepers for all eternity. The four receive the jewel, their hands joined while the diamond floats on top. For a moment, they are distracted as they marvel at its magnificence, and when they look back up at their mother, she is gone. They are sad, but take great comfort in the fact that they are now united. Group hug.

Somewhere in the forest, Avilan is standing when his hands glow and light floats from it. He is now free from the curse.

"Maari na kong magpahinga" (now i can rest).

He flies off.

Lira and Danaya are talking. Lira comments about how much she must miss Aquil. She’s then proceeds to tell Danaya what "I love you" means. To her surprise, Danaya already knows.

"Matagal na Lira. Sa tingin mo, bakit ko pa kaya laging sasabihin kay Aquil yun?" (Ive known for a long time. Why do you think I say it to him everyday?)

Wantuk and apek exclaim that the pixies (like Muyak) are back. Imaw explains that they disappeared with the chaos that followed the invasion of Lireo, and now that peace has returned, they will again live among the diwatas.

Wantuk and apek also notice that butterflies have come. The three other sanggres enter, and Alena says their coming means something. Amihan agrees, saying that it’s time to pass on the crown to Lira. A dama hands it to her, and she unceremoniously places it on Lira’s head. She then announces the start of the festivities but Lira cuts her off, saying that there’s no need. The prophecy has been fulfilled. She is queen. And as her first act of state, she abdicates in favor of someone else.

Of course, Amihan and especially Pirena worry their heads off. Lira argues that she’s done her mission. She doesnt need to be queen to prove it. All she wants is to go back to Anthony. Amihan reluctantly gives her blessing. Lira gives her mother Raquim’s scroll. Apparently, Anthony gave it to her just before he went through the portal.

Faced with a new dilemma, Amihan asks Imaw who will be the new queen. They all look to Pirena (the next in line), but she contends that her track record isnt necessarily excellent. The next in succession is Alena, but Ybrahim comes and asks for her hand. Lira declares that Danaya will become the next queen. Danaya, stunned (why?) asks why while looking at the noble crown (WHICH LIRA SHOULD BE WEARING !!!!)

Lira argues that she was the one who taught her everything about Lireo. Her love for the kingdom proves her worth as a leader. Still hesitating, she goes to Pirena, who gives her full support. Alena and Amihan follow suit.

And with all of them watching, Lira places the crown over her head, and all who are present rejoice.
Of all the words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these... it might have been.

Kabanata 160: Ang Pagwawakas

In Lireo castle, everyone gathered and some stayed at the left and right of the center. Cassiopeia came walking near the throne. Next to her was Amihan, then Pirena, next Danaya, and then Ybarro & Alena. They all gathered in the throne. Danaya sat on the throne. Cassiopeia crowned Danaya. Everyone clapped, to celebrate for the new Queen of Lireo.

Then, someone orbed in with white sparkles, showing Mine-a and Raquim. Everyone were surprised to see them. Amihan hugged them, crying. The other sang'gres too. Mine-a explains: Bathala had given them permission to come back to Encantadia, be happy, be with the one they love and care for. But, it's not only the two of them. More will be coming from Devas.

Then, Kahlil and Mira came. Pirena was very happy to see Mira. Pirena hugged her, and she was also crying. Alena came near Kahlil with Ybarro, they all embraced. Armeo and Ybarro's mother came, and Ybarro saw them. He was very glad to see them, or another time. He embraced them too. Aquil came. Danaya was glad to see Aquil. Aquil and Danaya hugged each other.

*Everyone who came from Devas were dressed in white.* As they embrace, tears of joy flows from their eyes, a smile, feeling happiness and joy in their hearts, being with everyone whom they loved. (.... parang sinaksak puso ko nito ah!)


Anthony married Lira and they have a very happy life. As time goes by, Anthony grows old but Lira as a diwata do not get aged. As Anthony is in his bedroom lying on the bed, he tells Lira that even they did not have a child, he is thankful that he is able to spend his life with her. As Anthony is taking his last breath, he tells Lira that no matter where they are, he will always love Lira. Then Anthony passed away and Lira cried.


Lira went back to Encantadia. She called Cassiopeia, and she showed up. Lira told Cassiopeia Anthony died. Cassiopeia told her that she's thinking she wants to be with him. Lira said she wants to rest, like others. But she also said, Cassiopeia is right that she wants to be with him, be with the one he loves. Lira requested to Cassiopeia to bless her to make her like Anthony. Cassiopeia, seeing that Lira's love for Anthony is unequaled, did in exchange of a few strands of Lira's hair.


The time Lira died, everyone gathered to the place where Lira is lying. The sang'gres were sad, especially Amihan. She cried, for she lost her one and only daughter. Cassiopeia went near Lira, and smiled. But the exchange for Lira's strands of hair were remained a secret.


Ybarro and Alena were getting married in Sapiro. Ybarro went near his father Armeo. Armeo crowned Ybarro and was declared as King of Sapiro, and Alena as the Queen. Everyone clapped their hands, and all were happy for Ybarro and Alena. Now, that's the kingdom of Sapiro now, which Asval has long aimed for.(hahaha buti nga bigote!!)


Cassiopeia was holding the strands of hair Lira exchanged. She put it on her pot, and a baby came out. She carried the baby. This will be the baby of Lira. Cassiopeia named her "Cassandra". She lifted Cassandra, lighting and thunder was heard. In a deserted place, stones and rocks came up growing from the ground.(I have no idea what this place is!)

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