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Title: Animal Crossing: City Folk Complete Item Hex List
Description: From AiboHack

Adrian2013 - January 24, 2009 05:59 AM (GMT)
for use with text to item and real time world edit
9000 'apple'
9004 'orange'
9008 'pear'
900C 'peach'
9010 'cherry'
9014 'coconut'
9018 'fossil'
901C 'sapling'
9020 'cedar sapling'
9024 'pitfall seed'
9028 'medicine'
902C 'present'
9030 'letter'
9034 'paper bag'
9038 'note in a bottle'
9040 'red tulip bag'
9044 'white tulip bag'
9048 'yellow tulip bag'
904C 'not used'
9050 'not used'
9054 'not used'
9058 'white pansy bag'
905C 'yellow pansy bag'
9060 'red pansy bag'
9064 'not used'
9068 'not used'
906C 'not used'
9070 'white cosmos bag'
9074 'red cosmos bag'
9078 'sun cosmos bag'
907C 'not used'
9080 'not used'
9084 'not used'
9088 'red rose bag'
908C 'white rose bag'
9090 'yellow rose bag'
9094 'not used'
9098 'not used'
909C 'not used'
90A0 'not used'
90A4 'not used'
90A8 'red carn. bag'
90AC 'pink carn. bag'
90B0 'white carn. bag'
90C8 'red paint'
90CC 'blue paint'
90D0 'yellow paint'
90D4 'green paint'
90D8 'pink paint'
90DC 'orange paint'
90E0 'light blue paint'
90E4 'pea green paint'
90E8 'purple paint'
90EC 'brown paint'
90F0 'white paint'
90F4 'black paint'
9104 'sold-out sign'
9108 'sold-out sign'
9118 'pearl oyster'
911C 'conch'
9120 'white scallop'
9124 'coral'
9128 'venus comb'
912C 'scallop'
9130 'Dall's Top'
9134 'porceletta'
9138 'sand dollar'
9140 'knife and fork'
9144 'blue candy'
9148 'red candy'
914C 'yellow candy'
9150 'green candy'
9154 'chocolate heart'
9158 'red turnip seed'
915C 'empty lamp'
9160 'magic lamp'
9164 'spaceship part'
9168 'elegant mushroom'
916C 'round mushroom'
9170 'skinny mushroom'
9174 'flat mushroom'
9178 'rare mushroom'
9194 '100 Bells'
9198 '200 Bells'
919C '300 Bells'
91A0 '400 Bells'
91A4 '500 Bells'
91A8 '600 Bells'
91AC '700 Bells'
91B0 '800 Bells'
91B4 '900 Bells'
91B8 '1,000 Bells'
91BC '2,000 Bells'
91C0 '3,000 Bells'
91C4 '4,000 Bells'
91C8 '5,000 Bells'
91CC '6,000 Bells'
91D0 '7,000 Bells'
91D4 '8,000 Bells'
91D8 '9,000 Bells'
91DC '10,000 Bells'
91E0 '11,000 Bells'
91E4 '12,000 Bells'
91E8 '13,000 Bells'
91EC '14,000 Bells'
91F0 '15,000 Bells'
91F4 '16,000 Bells'
91F8 '17,000 Bells'
91FC '18,000 Bells'
9200 '19,000 Bells'
9204 '20,000 Bells'
9208 '21,000 Bells'
920C '22,000 Bells'
9210 '23,000 Bells'
9214 '24,000 Bells'
9218 '25,000 Bells'
921C '26,000 Bells'
9220 '27,000 Bells'
9224 '28,000 Bells'
9228 '29,000 Bells'
922C '30,000 Bells'
9230 '31,000 Bells'
9234 '32,000 Bells'
9238 '33,000 Bells'
923C '34,000 Bells'
9240 '35,000 Bells'
9244 '36,000 Bells'
9248 '37,000 Bells'
924C '38,000 Bells'
9250 '39,000 Bells'
9254 '40,000 Bells'
9258 '41,000 Bells'
925C '42,000 Bells'
9260 '43,000 Bells'
9264 '44,000 Bells'
9268 '45,000 Bells'
926C '46,000 Bells'
9270 '47,000 Bells'
9274 '48,000 Bells'
9278 '49,000 Bells'
927C '50,000 Bells'
9280 '51,000 Bells'
9284 '52,000 Bells'
9288 '53,000 Bells'
928C '54,000 Bells'
9290 '55,000 Bells'
9294 '56,000 Bells'
9298 '57,000 Bells'
929C '58,000 Bells'
92A0 '59,000 Bells'
92A4 '60,000 Bells'
92A8 '61,000 Bells'
92AC '62,000 Bells'
92B0 '63,000 Bells'
92B4 '64,000 Bells'
92B8 '65,000 Bells'
92BC '66,000 Bells'
92C0 '67,000 Bells'
92C4 '68,000 Bells'
92C8 '69,000 Bells'
92CC '70,000 Bells'
92D0 '71,000 Bells'
92D4 '72,000 Bells'
92D8 '73,000 Bells'
92DC '74,000 Bells'
92E0 '75,000 Bells'
92E4 '76,000 Bells'
92E8 '77,000 Bells'
92EC '78,000 Bells'
92F0 '79,000 Bells'
92F4 '80,000 Bells'
92F8 '81,000 Bells'
92FC '82,000 Bells'
9300 '83,000 Bells'
9304 '84,000 Bells'
9308 '85,000 Bells'
930C '86,000 Bells'
9310 '87,000 Bells'
9314 '88,000 Bells'
9318 '89,000 Bells'
931C '90,000 Bells'
9320 '91,000 Bells'
9324 '92,000 Bells'
9328 '93,000 Bells'
932C '94,000 Bells'
9330 '95,000 Bells'
9334 '96,000 Bells'
9338 '97,000 Bells'
933C '98,000 Bells'
9340 '99,000 Bells'
9348 'key'
934C 'key'
9350 'key'
9354 'key'
9358 'key'
935C 'key'
9360 'key'
9364 'key'
9370 'Bunny egg'
9374 'Bunny egg'
9378 'Bunny egg'
937C 'Bunny egg'
9380 'Bunny egg'
9384 'Bunny egg'
9388 'Bunny egg'
938C 'Bunny egg'
9390 'Bunny egg'
9394 'Bunny egg'
9398 'Bunny egg'
939C 'Bunny egg'
93A0 'Bunny egg'
93A4 'Bunny foil'
93A8 'Bunny foil'
93AC 'Bunny foil'
93B0 'Bunny foil'
93B4 'Bunny foil'
93B8 'Bunny foil'
93BC 'Bunny foil'
93C0 'Bunny foil'
93C4 'Bunny foil'
93C8 'Bunny foil'
93CC 'Bunny foil'
93D0 'Bunny foil'
93D4 'shopping card'
93D8 'gold card'
93E8 'forest wall'
93EC 'forest floor'
93F0 'mush bed'
93F4 'mush dresser'
93F8 'mush closet'
93FC 'mush chair'
9400 'mush stool'
9404 'mush table'
9408 'mush end table'
940C 'mush lamp'
9410 'mush stand'
9414 'mush TV'
94B0 'K.K. Chorale'
94B4 'K.K. March'
94B8 'K.K. Waltz'
94BC 'K.K. Swing'
94C0 'K.K. Jazz'
94C4 'K.K. Fusion'
94C8 'K.K. Étude'
94CC 'K.K. Lullaby'
94D0 'K.K. Aria'
94D4 'K.K. Samba'
94D8 'K.K. Bossa'
94DC 'K.K. Calypso'
94E0 'K.K. Salsa'
94E4 'K.K. Mambo'
94E8 'K.K. Reggae'
94EC 'K.K. Ska'
94F0 'K.K. Tango'
94F4 'K.K. Faire'
94F8 'Aloha K.K.'
94FC 'Lucky K.K.'
9500 'K.K. Condor'
9504 'K.K. Steppe'
9508 'Imperial K.K.'
950C 'K.K. Casbah'
9510 'K.K. Safari'
9514 'K.K. Folk'
9518 'K.K. Rock'
951C 'Rockin' K.K.'
9520 'K.K. Ragtime'
9524 'K.K. Gumbo'
9528 'The K. Funk'
952C 'K.K. Blues'
9530 'Soulful K.K.'
9534 'K.K. Soul'
9538 'K.K. Cruisin''
953C 'K.K. Love Song'
9540 'K.K. D & B'
9544 'K.K. Technopop'
9548 'DJ K.K.'
954C 'Only Me'
9550 'K.K. Country'
9554 'Surfin' K.K.'
9558 'K.K. Ballad'
955C 'Comrade K.K.'
9560 'K.K. Lament'
9564 'Go K.K. Rider!'
9568 'K.K. Dirge'
956C 'K.K. Western'
9570 'Mr. K.K.'
9574 'Café K.K.'
9578 'K.K. Parade'
957C 'Seńor K.K.'
9580 'K.K. Song'
9584 'I Love You'
9588 'Two Days Ago'
958C 'My Place'
9590 'Forest Life'
9594 'To the Edge'
9598 'Pondering'
959C 'K.K. Dixie'
95A0 'K.K. Marathon'
95A4 'King K.K.'
95A8 'Mountain Song'
95AC 'Marine Song 2001'
95B0 'Neapolitan'
95B4 'Steep Hill'
95B8 'K.K. Rockabilly'
95BC 'Agent K.K.'
95C0 'K.K. Rally'
95C4 'K.K. Metal'
95C8 'Stale Cupcakes'
95CC 'Spring Blossoms'
95D0 'Wandering'
95D4 'K.K. House'
95D8 'K.K. Sonata'
95DC 'not used'
95E0 'not used'
95E4 'not used'
9640 'butterfly paper'
9644 'airmail paper'
9648 'New Year's cards'
964C 'lacy paper'
9650 'cloudy paper'
9654 'petal paper'
9658 'snowy paper'
965C 'maple-leaf paper'
9660 'lined paper'
9664 'notebook paper'
9668 'flowery paper'
966C 'polka-dot paper'
9670 'weathered paper'
9674 'ribbon paper'
9678 'sparkly paper'
967C 'vine paper'
9680 'formal paper'
9684 'snowman paper'
9688 'card paper'
968C 'leopard paper'
9690 'cow paper'
9694 'camouflage paper'
9698 'hamburger paper'
969C 'piano paper'
96A0 'Nook paper'
96A4 'invite card'
96A8 'birthday card'
96AC 'four-leaf paper'
96B0 'town-hall paper'
96B4 'Tortimer paper'
96B8 'insurance paper'
96BC 'academy paper'
96C0 'lovely paper'
96C4 'rainbow paper'
96C8 'Egyptian paper'
96CC 'lotus paper'
96D0 'tile paper'
96D4 'mosaic paper'
96D8 'elegant paper'
96DC 'town-view paper'
96E0 'Chinese paper'
96E4 'ocean paper'
96E8 'industrial paper'
96EC 'fireworks paper'
96F0 'floral paper'
96F4 'mushroom paper'
96F8 'star paper'
96FC 'composer paper'
9700 'bathtub paper'
9704 'SMB3 paper'
9708 'cool paper'
970C 'forest paper'
9710 'bubble paper'
9714 'buttercup paper'
9718 'tartan paper'
971C 'plaid paper'
9720 'lemon-lime paper'
9724 'crater paper'
9728 'bejeweled paper'
972C 'geometric paper'
9730 'southwest paper'
9734 'night-sky paper'
9738 'chic paper'
973C 'goldfish paper'
9740 'Halloween paper'
9744 'lantern paper'
9748 'auction paper'
974C 'bulletin paper'
97D0 '10 turnips'
97D4 '20 turnips'
97D8 '30 turnips'
97DC '40 turnips'
97E0 '50 turnips'
97E4 '60 turnips'
97E8 '70 turnips'
97EC '80 turnips'
97F0 '90 turnips'
97F4 '100 turnips'
97F8 'spoiled turnips'
97FC 'red turnip'
9800 'red turnip'
9804 'red turnip'
9808 'red turnip'
980C 'red turnip'
9810 'red turnip'
9814 'red turnip'
9960 'common butterfly'
9964 'yellow butterfly'
9968 'tiger butterfly'
996C 'peacock'
9970 'monarch'
9974 'emperor'
9978 'agrias butterfly'
997C 'Raja Brooke'
9980 'birdwing'
9984 'moth'
9988 'oak silk moth'
998C 'honeybee'
9990 'bee'
9994 'long locust'
9998 'migratory locust'
999C 'mantis'
99A0 'orchid mantis'
99A4 'brown cicada'
99A8 'robust cicada'
99AC 'walker cicada'
99B0 'evening cicada'
99B4 'lantern fly'
99B8 'red dragonfly'
99BC 'darner dragonfly'
99C0 'banded dragonfly'
99C4 'giant petaltail'
99C8 'ant'
99CC 'pondskater'
99D0 'diving beetle'
99D4 'snail'
99D8 'cricket'
99DC 'bell cricket'
99E0 'grasshopper'
99E4 'mole cricket'
99E8 'walking leaf'
99EC 'walkingstick'
99F0 'bagworm'
99F4 'ladybug'
99F8 'violin beetle'
99FC 'longhorn beetle'
9A00 'dung beetle'
9A04 'firefly'
9A08 'fruit beetle'
9A0C 'scarab beetle'
9A10 'jewel beetle'
9A14 'miyama stag'
9A18 'saw stag beetle'
9A1C 'giant beetle'
9A20 'rainbow stag'
9A24 'cyclommatus'
9A28 'golden stag'
9A2C 'dynastid beetle'
9A30 'atlas beetle'
9A34 'elephant beetle'
9A38 'hercules beetle'
9A3C 'goliath beetle'
9A40 'flea'
9A44 'pill bug'
9A48 'mosquito'
9A4C 'fly'
9A50 'centipede'
9A54 'spider'
9A58 'tarantula'
9A5C 'scorpion'
9AF0 'bitterling'
9AF4 'pale chub'
9AF8 'crucian carp'
9AFC 'dace'
9B00 'barbel steed'
9B04 'carp'
9B08 'koi'
9B0C 'goldfish'
9B10 'popeyed goldfish'
9B14 'killifish'
9B18 'crawfish'
9B1C 'frog'
9B20 'freshwater goby'
9B24 'loach'
9B28 'catfish'
9B2C 'eel'
9B30 'giant snakehead'
9B34 'bluegill'
9B38 'yellow perch'
9B3C 'black bass'
9B40 'pike'
9B44 'pond smelt'
9B48 'sweetfish'
9B4C 'cherry salmon'
9B50 'char'
9B54 'rainbow trout'
9B58 'stringfish'
9B5C 'salmon'
9B60 'king salmon'
9B64 'guppy'
9B68 'angelfish'
9B6C 'neon tetra'
9B70 'piranha'
9B74 'arowana'
9B78 'dorado'
9B7C 'gar'
9B80 'arapaima'
9B84 'sea butterfly'
9B88 'jellyfish'
9B8C 'sea horse'
9B90 'clownfish'
9B94 'surgeonfish'
9B98 'butterflyfish'
9B9C 'Napoleonfish'
9BA0 'zebra turkeyfish'
9BA4 'puffer fish'
9BA8 'horse mackerel'
9BAC 'barred knifejaw'
9BB0 'sea bass'
9BB4 'red snapper'
9BB8 'dab'
9BBC 'olive flounder'
9BC0 'squid'
9BC4 'octopus'
9BC8 'lobster'
9BCC 'moray eel'
9BD0 'football fish'
9BD4 'tuna'
9BD8 'blue marlin'
9BDC 'ray'
9BE0 'ocean sunfish'
9BE4 'hammerhead shark'
9BE8 'shark'
9BEC 'coelacanth'
9BF0 'empty can'
9BF4 'boot'
9BF8 'old tire'

9C80..9CFC Patterned shirts (internal, name displays Japanese). Can't hold in inventory.
9D00..9D7C Patterned umbrellas (internal, name displays Japanese). Can hold in inventory.
9D80..9DFC Patterned hats (internal, name displays Japanese). Can hold in inventory.
9E00..9E7C other internal. Can't hold in inventory.
9E80..9EFC other internal. Can't hold in inventory.
9F00..9F20 other internal. Can't hold in inventory.

9FA0 'exotic wall'
9FA4 'lovely wall'
9FA8 'classic wall'
9FAC 'ranch wall'
9FB0 'cabana wall'
9FB4 'blue wall'
9FB8 'modern wall'
9FBC 'regal wall'
9FC0 'green wall'
9FC4 'cabin wall'
9FC8 'kiddie wall'
9FCC 'robo-wall'
9FD0 'snowman wall'
9FD4 'forest wall'
9FD8 'egg wall'
9FDC 'Pavé wall'
9FE0 'spooky wall'
9FE4 'harvest wall'
9FE8 'Jingle wall'
9FEC 'princess wall'
9FF0 'Gracie wallpaper'
9FF4 'sweets wall'
9FF8 'gorgeous wall'
9FFC 'western vista'
A000 'lunar horizon'
A004 'blue tarp'
A008 'ringside seating'
A00C 'backyard fence'
A010 'playroom wall'
A014 'sea view'
A018 'lab wall'
A01C 'classroom wall'
A020 'bathhouse wall'
A024 'pastel-dot wall'
A028 'parlor wall'
A02C 'mod wall'
A030 'kitschy wall'
A034 'groovy wall'
A038 'backgammon wall'
A03C 'mosaic wall'
A040 'blue-trim wall'
A044 'plaster wall'
A048 'chic wall'
A04C 'ornate wall'
A050 'citrus wall'
A054 'rose wall'
A058 'old brick wall'
A05C 'shoji screen'
A060 'gold screen wall'
A064 'tea-room wall'
A068 'modern screen'
A06C 'garden wall'
A070 'mortar wall'
A074 'stone wall'
A078 'concrete wall'
A07C 'basement wall'
A080 'shanty wall'
A084 'wood paneling'
A088 'floral wall'
A08C 'kitchen wall'
A090 'music-room wall'
A094 'manor wall'
A098 'office wall'
A09C 'plaza wall'
A0A0 'lattice wall'
A0A4 'stately wall'
A0A8 'imperial wall'
A0AC 'arched window'
A0B0 'bamboo wall'
A0B4 'ivy wall'
A0B8 'ancient wall'
A0BC 'exquisite wall'
A0C0 'Persian wall'
A0C4 'industrial wall'
A0C8 'library wall'
A0CC 'illusion wall'
A0D0 'meadow vista'
A0D4 'tropical vista'
A0D8 'desert vista'
A0DC 'chainlink fence'
A0E0 'tree-lined wall'
A0E4 'sky wall'
A0E8 'cityscape wall'
A0EC 'dirt-clod wall'
A0F0 'common wall'
A0F4 'old wallpaper'
A0F8 'mushroom mural'
A0FC 'cranny wall'
A100 'convenient wall'
A104 'supermarket wall'
A108 'department wall'
A2C0 'exotic rug'
A2C4 'lovely carpet'
A2C8 'classic carpet'
A2CC 'ranch flooring'
A2D0 'cabana flooring'
A2D4 'blue flooring'
A2D8 'modern tile'
A2DC 'regal carpet'
A2E0 'green rug'
A2E4 'cabin rug'
A2E8 'kiddie carpet'
A2EC 'robo-floor'
A2F0 'snowman carpet'
A2F4 'forest floor'
A2F8 'Pavé floor'
A2FC 'egg floor'
A300 'spooky carpet'
A304 'harvest rug'
A308 'Jingle carpet'
A30C 'princess carpet'
A310 'Gracie carpet'
A314 'sweets floor'
A318 'gorgeous floor'
A31C 'western desert'
A320 'lunar surface'
A324 'closed road'
A328 'boxing ring mat'
A32C 'backyard lawn'
A330 'playroom rug'
A334 'ship deck'
A338 'lab floor'
A33C 'classroom floor'
A340 'bath tile'
A344 'pastel-dot rug'
A348 'checkered tile'
A34C 'ceramic tile'
A350 'diner tile'
A354 'kitschy tile'
A358 'red tile'
A35C 'mosaic tile'
A360 'chessboard rug'
A364 'plaza tile'
A368 'palace tile'
A36C 'imperial tile'
A370 'kitchen tile'
A374 'stone tile'
A378 'charcoal tile'
A37C 'tatami'
A380 'planked tatami'
A384 'mossy carpet'
A388 'sand garden'
A38C 'slate flooring'
A390 'concrete floor'
A394 'basement floor'
A398 'parquet floor'
A39C 'old board floor'
A3A0 'kitchen flooring'
A3A4 'music-room floor'
A3A8 'office flooring'
A3AC 'opulent rug'
A3B0 'plush carpet'
A3B4 'ornate rug'
A3B8 'fancy carpet'
A3BC 'exquisite rug'
A3C0 'Persian rug'
A3C4 'tartan rug'
A3C8 'round carpet'
A3CC 'citrus carpet'
A3D0 'cowhide rug'
A3D4 'birch flooring'
A3D8 'plank flooring'
A3DC 'bamboo flooring'
A3E0 'steel flooring'
A3E4 'shanty mat'
A3E8 'ancient tile'
A3EC 'illusion floor'
A3F0 'daisy meadow'
A3F4 'tropical floor'
A3F8 'Saharah's desert'
A3FC 'sandlot'
A400 'sidewalk'
A404 'cloud flooring'
A408 'common floor'
A40C 'old flooring'
A410 'block floor'
A414 'cranny floor'
A418 'convenient floor'
A41C 'market floor'
A420 'department floor'
A518 'work uniform'
A51C 'one-ball shirt'
A520 'two-ball shirt'
A524 'three-ball shirt'
A528 'four-ball shirt'
A52C 'five-ball shirt'
A530 'six-ball shirt'
A534 'seven-ball shirt'
A538 'eight-ball shirt'
A53C 'nine-ball shirt'
A540 'paw shirt'
A544 'daisy shirt'
A548 'tulip shirt'
A54C 'cherry shirt'
A550 'skull shirt'
A554 'U R here shirt'
A558 'lightning shirt'
A55C 'MVP shirt'
A560 'BB shirt'
A564 'fish-bone shirt'
A568 'frog shirt'
A56C 'bear shirt'
A570 'bunny shirt'
A574 'elephant shirt'
A578 'spade shirt'
A57C 'diamond shirt'
A580 'club shirt'
A584 'heart shirt'
A588 'big star shirt'
A58C 'bright shirt'
A590 'A shirt'
A594 'No. 1 shirt'
A598 'No. 2 shirt'
A59C 'No. 3 shirt'
A5A0 'No. 4 shirt'
A5A4 'No. 5 shirt'
A5A8 'No. 23 shirt'
A5AC 'No. 67 shirt'
A5B0 'big bro's shirt'
A5B4 'li'l bro's shirt'
A5B8 'cloudy shirt'
A5BC 'fresh shirt'
A5C0 'dawn shirt'
A5C4 'misty shirt'
A5C8 'sunset top'
A5CC 'deep blue tee'
A5D0 'peachy shirt'
A5D4 'rainbow shirt'
A5D8 'snowcone shirt'
A5DC 'orange tie-dye'
A5E0 'purple tie-dye'
A5E4 'green tie-dye'
A5E8 'blue tie-dye'
A5EC 'red tie-dye'
A5F0 'bold check shirt'
A5F4 'cafe shirt'
A5F8 'checkered shirt'
A5FC 'blue check shirt'
A600 'red check shirt'
A604 'houndstooth knit'
A608 'houndstooth tee'
A60C 'rugby shirt'
A610 'green bar shirt'
A614 'yellow bar shirt'
A618 'grape stripe tee'
A61C 'beatnik shirt'
A620 'red bar shirt'
A624 'blue stripe knit'
A628 'gelato shirt'
A62C 'chain-gang shirt'
A630 'speedway shirt'
A634 'yellow tartan'
A638 'fall plaid shirt'
A63C 'blue tartan'
A640 'dapper shirt'
A644 'natty shirt'
A648 'blue grid shirt'
A64C 'red grid shirt'
A650 'dazed shirt'
A654 'checkerboard tee'
A658 'Toad shirt'
A65C 'dark polka shirt'
A660 'lite polka shirt'
A664 'bubble gum shirt'
A668 'funky dot shirt'
A66C 'gumdrop shirt'
A670 'big dot shirt'
A674 'aqua polka shirt'
A678 'blue pinstripe'
A67C 'yellow pinstripe'
A680 'orange pinstripe'
A684 'vegetarian shirt'
A688 'racer shirt'
A68C 'American shirt'
A690 'rally shirt'
A694 'racer 6 shirt'
A698 'vertigo shirt'
A69C 'barber shirt'
A6A0 'jade check print'
A6A4 'blue check print'
A6A8 'mint gingham top'
A6AC 'picnic shirt'
A6B0 'candy gingham'
A6B4 'lemon gingham'
A6B8 'melon gingham'
A6BC 'bad plaid shirt'
A6C0 'pink tartan'
A6C4 'waffle shirt'
A6C8 'gray tartan'
A6CC 'red argyle top'
A6D0 'blue argyle top'
A6D4 'pink argyle top'
A6D8 'cyan argyle top'
A6DC 'chevron shirt'
A6E0 'icy shirt'
A6E4 'aurora knit'
A6E8 'winter sweater'
A6EC 'folk shirt'
A6F0 'argyle knit'
A6F4 'uncommon shirt'
A6F8 'comfy sweater'
A6FC 'beige knit'
A700 'earthy knit'
A704 'spring shirt'
A708 'spunky knit'
A70C 'deer shirt'
A710 'monkey shirt'
A714 'vogue top'
A718 'citrus gingham'
A71C 'floral knit'
A720 'dreamy shirt'
A724 'flowery shirt'
A728 'silk bloom shirt'
A72C 'pop bloom shirt'
A730 'blossom shirt'
A734 'loud bloom shirt'
A738 'rose shirt'
A73C 'rose sky shirt'
A740 'lotus shirt'
A744 'chocomint shirt'
A748 'fern shirt'
A74C 'blue retro shirt'
A750 'orange check tee'
A754 'leaf shirt'
A758 'fall leaf shirt'
A75C 'straw shirt'
A760 'grass shirt'
A764 'snow shirt'
A768 'lovely shirt'
A76C 'bubble shirt'
A770 'chichi print'
A774 'coral shirt'
A778 'groovy shirt'
A77C 'cool shirt'
A780 'swell shirt'
A784 'blue diamond top'
A788 'prism shirt'
A78C 'go-go shirt'
A790 'flame shirt'
A794 'danger shirt'
A798 'Gracie's top'
A79C 'future shirt'
A7A0 'optical shirt'
A7A4 'twinkle shirt'
A7A8 'star shirt'
A7AC 'night sky tee'
A7B0 'amethyst shirt'
A7B4 'nebula shirt'
A7B8 'dice shirt'
A7BC 'kiddie shirt'
A7C0 'airy shirt'
A7C4 'polar fleece'
A7C8 'crossing shirt'
A7CC 'splendid shirt'
A7D0 'jagged shirt'
A7D4 'subdued print'
A7D8 'sharp outfit'
A7DC 'painter's smock'
A7E0 'blossoming shirt'
A7E4 'jungle camo'
A7E8 'arctic camo'
A7EC 'desert camo'
A7F0 'shirt circuit'
A7F4 'pulse shirt'
A7F8 'zebra shirt'
A7FC 'tiger shirt'
A800 'cow shirt'
A804 'leopard shirt'
A808 'giraffe shirt'
A80C 'ladybug shirt'
A810 'butterfly shirt'
A814 'spiderweb shirt'
A818 'caterpillar tee'
A81C 'fiendish shirt'
A820 'citrus shirt'
A824 'kiwi shirt'
A828 'watermelon shirt'
A82C 'strawberry shirt'
A830 'grape shirt'
A834 'melon shirt'
A838 'pink wave shirt'
A83C 'flan shirt'
A840 'hot dog shirt'
A844 'sandwich shirt'
A848 'noodle shirt'
A84C 'ugly shirt'
A850 'dragon suit'
A854 'asian shirt'
A858 'hot spring shirt'
A85C 'new spring shirt'
A860 'crewel shirt'
A864 'tropical shirt'
A868 'ribbon shirt'
A86C 'bodice'
A870 'laced shirt'
A874 'circus shirt'
A878 'green vest'
A87C 'yellow bolero'
A880 'noble shirt'
A884 'turnip top'
A888 'yodel shirt'
A88C 'classic top'
A890 'gaudy sweater'
A894 'red aloha shirt'
A898 'blue aloha shirt'
A89C 'western shirt'
A8A0 'red riding hoody'
A8A4 'royal shirt'
A8A8 'witch shirt'
A8AC 'firefighter tee'
A8B0 'graduation gown'
A8B4 'sky shirt'
A8B8 'captain's shirt'
A8BC 'burglar's shirt'
A8C0 'jester shirt'
A8C4 'doctor's coat'
A8C8 'bone shirt'
A8CC 'zipper shirt'
A8D0 'mummy shirt'
A8D4 'military uniform'
A8D8 'sailor's uniform'
A8DC 'reggae shirt'
A8E0 'camel shirt'
A8E4 'molecule tee'
A8E8 'concierge shirt'
A8EC 'kimono'
A8F0 'tuxedo'
A8F4 'explorer shirt'
A8F8 'Dutch shirt'
A8FC 'toga'
A900 'cake shirt'
A904 'waitress shirt'
A908 'princess shirt'
A90C 'fairy tale shirt'
A910 'Spanish shirt'
A914 'Latin uniform'
A918 'red down vest'
A91C 'blue puffy vest'
A920 'one-way tee'
A924 'beaded shirt'
A928 'Nile shirt'
A92C 'wrap shirt'
A930 'wrestler shirt'
A934 'security shirt'
A938 'poncho'
A93C 'fluffy shirt'
A940 'cat top'
A944 'bear top'
A948 'frog top'
A94C 'kappa suit'
A950 'Chinese shirt'
A954 'pep squad shirt'
A958 'racing shirt'
A95C 'orange jumpsuit'
A960 'tin shirt'
A964 'scale armor suit'
A968 'armor suit'
A96C 'gold armor suit'
A970 'striking outfit'
A974 'red warmup suit'
A978 'baseball shirt'
A97C 'red sweatsuit'
A980 'blue sweatsuit'
A984 'leather jerkin'
A988 'frock coat'
A98C 'Jingle shirt'
A990 'space suit'
A994 'caveman tunic'
A998 'casual outfit'
A99C 'kung-fu gi'
A9A0 'pleather vest'
A9A4 'maid dress'
A9A8 'trenchcoat'
A9AC 'detective outfit'
A9B0 'cycling outfit'
A9B4 'chef's outfit'
A9B8 'pirate's coat'
A9BC 'Persian coat'
A9C0 'folk tunic'
A9C4 'Egyptian outfit'
A9C8 'red zap suit'
A9CC 'blue zap suit'
A9D0 'green zap suit'
A9D4 'pink zap suit'
A9D8 'samurai suit'
A9DC 'bathrobe'
A9E0 'moldy shirt'
A9E4 'patched shirt'
A9E8 'hero's clothes'
A9EC 'Varia suit'
A9F0 'New Year's shirt'
A9F4 'New Year's shirt'
A9F8 'New Year's shirt'
A9FC 'New Year's shirt'
AA00 'New Year's shirt'
AA04 'New Year's shirt'
AA08 'New Year's shirt'
AA0C 'New Year's shirt'
AA10 'New Year's shirt'
AA14 'New Year's shirt'
AA18 'New Year's shirt'
AA1C 'New Year's shirt'
AA20 'New Year's shirt'
AA24 'New Year's shirt'
AA28 'New Year's shirt'
AA2C 'New Year's shirt'
AA30 'New Year's shirt'
AA34 'New Year's shirt'
AA38 'New Year's shirt'
AA3C 'New Year's shirt'
AA40 'New Year's shirt'
AA44 'New Year's shirt'
AA48 'New Year's shirt'
AA4C 'New Year's shirt'
AA50 'New Year's shirt'
AA54 'New Year's shirt'
AA58 'New Year's shirt'
AA5C 'New Year's shirt'
AA60 'New Year's shirt'
AA64 'New Year's shirt'
AA68 'New Year's shirt'
AA6C 'New Year's shirt'
AA70 'New Year's shirt'
AA74 'New Year's shirt'
AA78 'New Year's shirt'
AA7C 'New Year's shirt'
AA90 'gelato umbrella'
AA94 'bat umbrella'
AA98 'lacy parasol'
AA9C 'leaf umbrella'
AAA0 'paper parasol'
AAA4 'ribbon umbrella'
AAA8 'red umbrella'
AAAC 'blue umbrella'
AAB0 'yellow umbrella'
AAB4 'green umbrella'
AAB8 'candy umbrella'
AABC 'melon umbrella'
AAC0 'mint umbrella'
AAC4 'picnic umbrella'
AAC8 'lemon umbrella'
AACC 'Toad parasol'
AAD0 'eggy parasol'
AAD4 'blue dot parasol'
AAD8 'daisy umbrella'
AADC 'paw umbrella'
AAE0 'petal parasol'
AAE4 'busted umbrella'
AAE8 'sunny parasol'
AAEC 'beach umbrella'
AAF0 'elegant umbrella'
AAF4 'modern umbrella'
AAF8 'leopard umbrella'
AAFC 'zebra umbrella'
AB00 'forest umbrella'
AB04 'flame umbrella'
AB08 'camo umbrella'
AB0C 'spider umbrella'
AB10 'Gracie umbrella'
AB14 'Peach's parasol'
AC20 'white cap'
AC24 'red cap'
AC28 'yellow cap'
AC2C 'light blue cap'
AC30 'green cap'
AC34 'star cap'
AC38 '1-Up cap'
AC3C 'purple cap'
AC40 'blue cap'
AC44 'blue pom-pom hat'
AC48 'green knit hat'
AC4C 'orange knit hat'
AC50 'pink knit hat'
AC54 'purple knit hat'
AC58 'red pom-pom hat'
AC5C 'badge hat'
AC60 'straw hat'
AC64 'grandpa hat'
AC68 'paperboy cap'
AC6C 'beret'
AC70 'dandy hat'
AC74 'hunter's cap'
AC78 'detective hat'
AC7C 'top hat'
AC80 'puffy hat'
AC84 'Gracie hat'
AC88 'elegant hat'
AC8C 'bandana'
AC90 'tulip hat'
AC94 'do-rag'
AC98 'swimming cap'
AC9C 'wizard's cap'
ACA0 'newsprint helmet'
ACA4 'festive hat'
ACA8 'big bro's hat'
ACAC 'li'l bro's hat'
ACB0 'Wario hat'
ACB4 'bicycle helmet'
ACB8 'chef's hat'
ACBC 'combat helmet'
ACC0 'scholar's hat'
ACC4 'safety helmet'
ACC8 'police cap'
ACCC 'explorer's hat'
ACD0 'captain's hat'
ACD4 'sailor's hat'
ACD8 'silk hat'
ACDC 'outback hat'
ACE0 'Dutch hat'
ACE4 'sombrero'
ACE8 'Tyrolean hat'
ACEC 'Viking helmet'
ACF0 'cavalier hat'
ACF4 'pirate's hat'
ACF8 'jester's cap'
ACFC 'witch's hat'
AD00 'melon hat'
AD04 'strawberry hat'
AD08 'kiwi hat'
AD0C 'mandarin hat'
AD10 'watermelon hat'
AD14 'grape hat'
AD18 'grape hat'
AD1C 'red ribbon'
AD20 'blue ribbon'
AD24 'yellow ribbon'
AD28 'heart hairpin'
AD2C 'star hairpin'
AD30 'moon hairpin'
AD34 'green feather'
AD38 'blue feather'
AD3C 'yellow feather'
AD40 'red feather'
AD44 'purple feather'
AD48 'white feather'
AD4C 'rainbow feather'
AD50 'halo'
AD54 'royal crown'
AD58 'crown'
ADB0 'black knit cap'
ADB4 'pilot's cap'
ADB8 'fireman's hat'
ADBC 'baby's hat'
ADC0 'turban'
ADC4 'warbonnet'
ADC8 'kaffiyeh'
ADCC 'cow bone'
ADD0 'samurai wig'
ADD4 'geisha wig'
ADD8 'ninja hood'
ADDC 'powdered wig'
ADE0 'afro wig'
ADE4 'regent wig'
ADE8 'mohawk wig'
ADEC 'pigtail'
ADF0 'bun wig'
ADF4 'tiara hair'
ADF8 'bridal veil'
ADFC 'headband'
AE00 'bunny hood'
AE04 'cat cap'
AE08 'bear cap'
AE0C 'frog cap'
AE10 'kappa cap'
AE14 'helmet'
AE18 'hero's cap'
AE1C 'laurel wreath'
AE20 'racing helmet'
AE24 'motocross helmet'
AE28 'football helmet'
AE2C 'knight's helmet'
AE30 'Roman helmet'
AE34 'diving mask'
AE38 'space helmet'
AE3C 'ski mask'
AE40 'wrestling mask'
AE44 'dressing'
AE48 'retro helmet'
AE4C 'red zap helmet'
AE50 'blue zap helmet'
AE54 'green zap helmet'
AE58 'pink zap helmet'
AE5C 'red ogre mask'
AE60 'blue ogre mask'
AE64 'Majora's mask'
AE68 'Samus mask'
AE6C 'Midna's Mask'
AE70 'Toad hat'
AE74 'pumpkin head'
AE78 'King Tut mask'
AF40 'blue frames'
AF44 'red glasses'
AF48 'yellow glasses'
AF4C 'mint glasses'
AF50 'purple glasses'
AF54 'green glasses'
AF58 'brown glasses'
AF5C 'pink glasses'
AF60 'thick glasses'
AF64 'silver frames'
AF68 'rimmed glasses'
AF6C 'funky glasses'
AF70 'tortoise specs'
AF74 'Gracie glasses'
AF78 'pilot shades'
AF7C 'sporty shades'
AF80 'huge shades'
AF84 'triangle shades'
AF88 'tiny shades'
AF8C 'heart shades'
AF90 'star shades'
AF94 '3-D glasses'
AF98 'masquerade mask'
AF9C 'superhero mask'
AFA0 'goggles'
AFA4 'snorkel mask'
AFA8 'eye mask'
AFB0 'monocle'
AFB4 'doctor's mirror'
AFB8 'eye patch'
AFBC 'post-op patch'
AFC0 'gas mask'
AFC4 'hockey mask'
AFC8 'clown mask'
AFCC 'red nose'
AFD0 'stache & glasses'
AFD4 'big bro mustache'
AFD8 'bad bro stache'
AFDC 'curly mustache'
AFE0 'king's beard'
AFE4 'doctor's mask'
AFE8 'pacifier'
AFEC 'beak'
AFF0 'lemon pack'
AFF4 'cucumber pack'
AFF8 'bandage'
B260 'red tulips'
B264 'white tulips'
B268 'yellow tulips'
B26C 'pink tulips'
B270 'purple tulips'
B274 'black tulips'
B278 'white pansies'
B27C 'yellow pansies'
B280 'red pansies'
B284 'purple pansies'
B288 'orange pansies'
B28C 'blue pansies'
B290 'white cosmos'
B294 'red cosmos'
B298 'yellow cosmos'
B29C 'pink cosmos'
B2A0 'orange cosmos'
B2A4 'black cosmos'
B2A8 'red roses'
B2AC 'white roses'
B2B0 'yellow roses'
B2B4 'pink roses'
B2B8 'orange roses'
B2BC 'purple roses'
B2C0 'black roses'
B2C4 'blue roses'
B2C8 'gold roses'
B2CC 'red carnation'
B2D0 'pink carnation'
B2D4 'white carnation'
B2D8 'Jacob's Ladder'
B2DC 'lucky clover'
B2E0 'dandelions'
B2E4 'dandelion puffs'
B3F0 'mega clankoid'
B3F4 'clankoid'
B3F8 'mini clankoid'
B3FC 'tall clankoid'
B400 'squat dingloid'
B404 'mega dingloid'
B408 'dingloid'
B40C 'mini dingloid'
B410 'wee dingloid'
B414 'tall dingloid'
B418 'mega percoloid'
B41C 'tall percoloid'
B420 'mega oombloid'
B424 'oombloid'
B428 'mini oombloid'
B42C 'tall oombloid'
B430 'rhythmoid'
B434 'mini rhythmoid'
B438 'mega puffoid'
B43C 'mini puffoid'
B440 'tall puffoid'
B444 'mega lullaboid'
B448 'lullaboid'
B44C 'mini lullaboid'
B450 'tall lullaboid'
B454 'mega sproid'
B458 'sproid'
B45C 'mini sproid'
B460 'tall sproid'
B464 'mega bowtoid'
B468 'bowtoid'
B46C 'mini bowtoid'
B470 'tall bowtoid'
B474 'mega tootoid'
B478 'tootoid'
B47C 'mini tootoid'
B480 'mega plinkoid'
B484 'plinkoid'
B488 'mini plinkoid'
B48C 'mega dekkoid'
B490 'dekkoid'
B494 'mini dekkoid'
B498 'mega buzzoid'
B49C 'buzzoid'
B4A0 'mini buzzoid'
B4A4 'tall buzzoid'
B4A8 'mega drilloid'
B4AC 'drilloid'
B4B0 'mini drilloid'
B4B4 'mega echoid'
B4B8 'mini echoid'
B4BC 'tall echoid'
B4C0 'mega lamentoid'
B4C4 'lamentoid'
B4C8 'mini lamentoid'
B4CC 'tall lamentoid'
B4D0 'mega strumboid'
B4D4 'strumboid'
B4D8 'mini strumboid'
B4DC 'tall strumboid'
B4E0 'mega croakoid'
B4E4 'croakoid'
B4E8 'mini croakoid'
B4EC 'tall croakoid'
B4F0 'mega fizzoid'
B4F4 'mini fizzoid'
B4F8 'mega squelchoid'
B4FC 'squelchoid'
B500 'mini squelchoid'
B504 'mega howloid'
B508 'howloid'
B50C 'mini howloid'
B510 'mega nebuloid'
B514 'squat nebuloid'
B518 'nebuloid'
B51C 'mini nebuloid'
B520 'tall nebuloid'
B524 'slim nebuloid'
B528 'mega gongoid'
B52C 'gongoid'
B530 'mini gongoid'
B534 'tall gongoid'
B538 'mega poltergoid'
B53C 'poltergoid'
B540 'mini poltergoid'
B544 'tall poltergoid'
B548 'metatoid'
B54C 'mini metatoid'
B550 'mega bovoid'
B554 'tall bovoid'
B558 'mega oboid'
B55C 'oboid'
B560 'tall oboid'
B564 'mega dinkoid'
B568 'mini dinkoid'
B56C 'mega harmonoid'
B570 'harmonoid'
B574 'mini harmonoid'
B578 'tall harmonoid'
B57C 'tall droploid'
B580 'mega sputnoid'
B584 'sputnoid'
B588 'mini sputnoid'
B58C 'tall sputnoid'
B590 'mega alloid'
B594 'mini alloid'
B598 'tall alloid'
B59C 'mega timpanoid'
B5A0 'timpanoid'
B5A4 'mini timpanoid'
B5A8 'tall timpanoid'
B5AC 'gargloid'
B5B0 'mini gargloid'
B5B4 'tall gargloid'
B5B8 'warbloid'
B5BC 'mini warbloid'
B5C0 'tall warbloid'
B5C4 'mega freakoid'
B5C8 'mini freakoid'
B5CC 'mega quazoid'
B5D0 'quazoid'
B5D4 'mini quazoid'
B5D8 'tall quazoid'
B5DC 'slim quazoid'
B5E0 'mega rustoid'
B5E4 'rustoid'
B5E8 'mini rustoid'
B710 'exotic bed'
B714 'exotic bureau'
B718 'exotic wardrobe'
B71C 'exotic bench'
B720 'exotic chair'
B724 'exotic table'
B728 'exotic end table'
B72C 'exotic lamp'
B730 'exotic screen'
B734 'exotic chest'
B738 'ranch bed'
B73C 'ranch dresser'
B740 'ranch wardrobe'
B744 'ranch couch'
B748 'ranch armchair'
B74C 'ranch chair'
B750 'ranch table'
B754 'ranch tea table'
B758 'ranch bookcase'
B75C 'ranch hutch'
B760 'classic bed'
B764 'classic vanity'
B768 'classic wardrobe'
B76C 'classic chair'
B770 'classic sofa'
B774 'classic table'
B778 'classic bookcase'
B77C 'classic buffet'
B780 'classic desk'
B784 'classic clock'
B788 'regal bed'
B78C 'regal dresser'
B790 'regal armoire'
B794 'regal chair'
B798 'regal sofa'
B79C 'regal table'
B7A0 'regal lamp'
B7A4 'regal clock'
B7A8 'regal bookcase'
B7AC 'regal vanity'
B7B0 'blue bed'
B7B4 'blue bureau'
B7B8 'blue wardrobe'
B7BC 'blue chair'
B7C0 'blue bench'
B7C4 'blue table'
B7C8 'blue bookcase'
B7CC 'blue cabinet'
B7D0 'blue clock'
B7D4 'blue dresser'
B7D8 'cabana bed'
B7DC 'cabana dresser'
B7E0 'cabana wardrobe'
B7E4 'cabana chair'
B7E8 'cabana armchair'
B7EC 'cabana table'
B7F0 'cabana lamp'
B7F4 'cabana bookcase'
B7F8 'cabana vanity'
B7FC 'cabana screen'
B800 'green bed'
B804 'green dresser'
B808 'green wardrobe'
B80C 'green chair'
B810 'green bench'
B814 'green table'
B818 'green desk'
B81C 'green lamp'
B820 'green counter'
B824 'green pantry'
B828 'cabin bed'
B82C 'cabin dresser'
B830 'cabin wardrobe'
B834 'cabin chair'
B838 'cabin armchair'
B83C 'cabin couch'
B840 'cabin table'
B844 'cabin low table'
B848 'cabin bookcase'
B84C 'cabin clock'
B850 'modern bed'
B854 'modern dresser'
B858 'modern wardrobe'
B85C 'modern chair'
B860 'modern sofa'
B864 'modern end table'
B868 'modern desk'
B86C 'modern table'
B870 'modern cabinet'
B874 'modern lamp'
B878 'kiddie bed'
B87C 'kiddie dresser'
B880 'kiddie wardrobe'
B884 'kiddie couch'
B888 'kiddie chair'
B88C 'kiddie table'
B890 'kiddie bureau'
B894 'kiddie bookcase'
B898 'kiddie clock'
B89C 'kiddie stereo'
B8A0 'lovely bed'
B8A4 'lovely dresser'
B8A8 'lovely armoire'
B8AC 'lovely chair'
B8B0 'lovely loveseat'
B8B4 'lovely end table'
B8B8 'lovely table'
B8BC 'lovely vanity'
B8C0 'lovely kitchen'
B8C4 'lovely lamp'
B8C8 'robo-bed'
B8CC 'robo-dresser'
B8D0 'robo-closet'
B8D4 'robo-sofa'
B8D8 'robo-chair'
B8DC 'robo-table'
B8E0 'robo-stereo'
B8E4 'robo-TV'
B8E8 'robo-clock'
B8EC 'robo-lamp'
B8F0 'snowman bed'
B8F4 'snowman dresser'
B8F8 'snowman wardrobe'
B8FC 'snowman chair'
B900 'snowman sofa'
B904 'snowman table'
B908 'snowman fridge'
B90C 'snowman TV'
B910 'snowman clock'
B914 'snowman lamp'
B918 'mush bed'
B91C 'mush dresser'
B920 'mush closet'
B924 'mush chair'
B928 'mush stool'
B92C 'mush table'
B930 'mush end table'
B934 'mush lamp'
B938 'mush stand'
B93C 'mush TV'
B940 'Pavé bed'
B944 'Pavé chest'
B948 'Pavé closet'
B94C 'Pavé sofa'
B950 'Pavé chair'
B954 'Pavé table'
B958 'Pavé end table'
B95C 'Pavé bookshelf'
B960 'Pavé bureau'
B964 'Pavé lamp'
B968 'egg bed'
B96C 'egg dresser'
B970 'egg wardrobe'
B974 'egg chair'
B978 'egg bench'
B97C 'egg table'
B980 'egg stereo'
B984 'egg toy set'
B988 'egg clock'
B98C 'egg lamp'
B990 'spooky bed'
B994 'spooky dresser'
B998 'spooky wardrobe'
B99C 'spooky sofa'
B9A0 'spooky chair'
B9A4 'spooky table'
B9A8 'spooky vanity'
B9AC 'spooky bookcase'
B9B0 'spooky clock'
B9B4 'spooky lamp'
B9B8 'harvest bed'
B9BC 'harvest dresser'
B9C0 'harvest bureau'
B9C4 'harvest sofa'
B9C8 'harvest chair'
B9CC 'harvest table'
B9D0 'harvest mirror'
B9D4 'harvest TV'
B9D8 'harvest clock'
B9DC 'harvest lamp'
B9E0 'Jingle bed'
B9E4 'Jingle dresser'
B9E8 'Jingle wardrobe'
B9EC 'Jingle sofa'
B9F0 'Jingle chair'
B9F4 'Jingle table'
B9F8 'Jingle shelves'
B9FC 'Jingle piano'
BA00 'Jingle clock'
BA04 'Jingle lamp'
BA08 'princess bed'
BA0C 'princess chest'
BA10 'princess closet'
BA14 'princess sofa'
BA18 'princess chair'
BA1C 'princess table'
BA20 'princess curio'
BA24 'princess dresser'
BA28 'princess cage'
BA2C 'princess lamp'
BA30 'Gracie bed'
BA34 'Gracie chest'
BA38 'Gracie wardrobe'
BA3C 'Gracie bench'
BA40 'Gracie chair'
BA44 'Gracie low table'
BA48 'Gracie desk'
BA4C 'Gracie wagon'
BA50 'Gracie shelf'
BA54 'Gracie lamp'
BA58 'sweets bed'
BA5C 'sweets dresser'
BA60 'sweets closet'
BA64 'sweets sofa'
BA68 'sweets chair'
BA6C 'sweets table'
BA70 'sweets minitable'
BA74 'sweets bookcase'
BA78 'sweets lamp'
BA7C 'sweets minilamp'
BA80 'gorgeous bed'
BA84 'gorgeous chest'
BA88 'gorgeous closet'
BA8C 'gorgeous sofa'
BA90 'gorgeous seat'
BA94 'gorgeous stool'
BA98 'gorgeous table'
BA9C 'gorgeous desk'
BAA0 'gorgeous counter'
BAA4 'gorgeous lamp'
BAA8 'cow skull'
BAAC 'desert cactus'
BAB0 'western fence'
BAB4 'saddle fence'
BAB8 'storefront'
BABC 'covered wagon'
BAC0 'watering trough'
BAC4 'tumbleweed'
BAC8 'well'
BACC 'wagon wheel'
BAD0 'asteroid'
BAD4 'moon'
BAD8 'lunar lander'
BADC 'rocket'
BAE0 'lunar rover'
BAE4 'satellite'
BAE8 'space shuttle'
BAEC 'Spaceman Sam'
BAF0 'space station'
BAF4 'flying saucer'
BAF8 'detour arrow'
BAFC 'handcart'
BB00 'iron frame'
BB04 'manhole cover'
BB08 'orange cone'
BB0C 'traffic cone'
BB10 'saw horse'
BB14 'wet roadway sign'
BB18 'steam roller'
BB1C 'jackhammer'
BB20 'striped cone'
BB24 'cement mixer'
BB28 'brown drum'
BB2C 'green drum'
BB30 'red drum'
BB34 'haz-mat barrel'
BB38 'oil drum'
BB3C 'boxing barricade'
BB40 'red corner'
BB44 'blue corner'
BB48 'neutral corner'
BB4C 'judge's bell'
BB50 'boxing mat'
BB54 'ringside table'
BB58 'weight bench'
BB5C 'sandbag'
BB60 'speed bag'
BB64 'birdhouse'
BB68 'Mr. Flamingo'
BB6C 'Mrs. Flamingo'
BB70 'garden gnome'
BB74 'bug zapper'
BB78 'hammock'
BB7C 'bird bath'
BB80 'picnic table'
BB84 'bird feeder'
BB88 'lawn chair'
BB8C 'lawn mower'
BB90 'barbecue'
BB94 'backyard pool'
BB98 'sprinkler'
BB9C 'tiki torch'
BBA0 'elephant slide'
BBA4 'stroller'
BBA8 'cradle'
BBAC 'baby bed'
BBB0 'clackercart'
BBB4 'merry-go-round'
BBB8 'rocking horse'
BBBC 'train set'
BBC0 'wobbelina'
BBC4 'dolly'
BBC8 'lab bench'
BBCC 'lab chair'
BBD0 'medicine chest'
BBD4 'Florence flask'
BBD8 'amazing machine'
BBDC 'unknown machine'
BBE0 'complex machine'
BBE4 'helm'
BBE8 'barrel'
BBEC 'keg'
BBF0 'ship cannon'
BBF4 'anchor'
BBF8 'ship compass'
BBFC 'black pawn'
BC00 'black bishop'
BC04 'black king'
BC08 'black knight'
BC0C 'black queen'
BC10 'black rook'
BC14 'white pawn'
BC18 'white bishop'
BC1C 'white king'
BC20 'white knight'
BC24 'white queen'
BC28 'white rook'
BC2C 'right platform'
BC30 'left platform'
BC34 'podium'
BC38 'teacher's desk'
BC3C 'teacher's chair'
BC40 'school desk'
BC44 'school chair'
BC48 'cubby hole'
BC4C 'chalk board'
BC50 'mop'
BC54 'skeleton'
BC58 'anatomical model'
BC5C 'clear model'
BC60 'hamster cage'
BC64 'science table'
BC68 'vaulting horse'
BC6C 'ball catcher'
BC70 'high-jump mat'
BC74 'hurdle'
BC78 'scoreboard'
BC7C 'folding chair'
BC80 'vision tester'
BC84 'trunk measure'
BC88 'stadiometer'
BC8C 'scale'
BC90 'hospital bed'
BC94 'hospital screen'
BC98 'IV drip'
BC9C 'sink'
BCA0 'writing desk'
BCA4 'writing chair'
BCA8 'globe'
BCAC 'office desk'
BCB0 'office chair'
BCB4 'office locker'
BCB8 'coffee maker'
BCBC 'checkout counter'
BCC0 'cash register'
BCC4 'jukebox'
BCC8 'siphon'
BCCC 'giant dharma'
BCD0 'dharma'
BCD4 'mini-dharma'
BCD8 'Papa bear'
BCDC 'Mama bear'
BCE0 'Baby bear'
BCE4 'Papa panda'
BCE8 'Mama panda'
BCEC 'Baby panda'
BCF0 'tall cactus'
BCF4 'cactus'
BCF8 'round cactus'
BCFC 'blue golf bag'
BD00 'white golf bag'
BD04 'green golf bag'
BD08 'red armchair'
BD0C 'red sofa'
BD10 'bear pole'
BD14 'eagle pole'
BD18 'frog-woman pole'
BD1C 'raven pole'
BD20 'blue lava lamp'
BD24 'purple lava lamp'
BD28 'green lava lamp'
BD2C 'tea table'
BD30 'hearth'
BD34 'screen'
BD38 'hibachi'
BD3C 'tea tansu'
BD40 'paper lantern'
BD44 'paulownia closet'
BD48 'stair dresser'
BD4C 'low screen'
BD50 'paper tiger'
BD54 'lucky frog'
BD58 'sword'
BD5C 'bow'
BD60 'samurai suit'
BD64 'black katana'
BD68 'white katana'
BD6C 'ninja sword'
BD70 'deer scare'
BD74 'tall lantern'
BD78 'spa chair'
BD7C 'bath mat'
BD80 'bucket'
BD84 'bathtub'
BD88 'milk case'
BD8C 'ice-cream case'
BD90 'washbasin'
BD94 'tea vase'
BD98 'red vase'
BD9C 'blue vase'
BDA0 'lucky cat'
BDA4 'lefty lucky cat'
BDA8 'lucky black cat'
BDAC 'lucky gold cat'
BDB0 'grapefruit table'
BDB4 'lemon table'
BDB8 'orange chair'
BDBC 'lime chair'
BDC0 'pear wardrobe'
BDC4 'pear dresser'
BDC8 'watermelon chair'
BDCC 'melon chair'
BDD0 'watermelon table'
BDD4 'apple TV'
BDD8 'apple clock'
BDDC 'lily-pad table'
BDE0 'froggy chair'
BDE4 'pine chair'
BDE8 'pine table'
BDEC 'tulip chair'
BDF0 'tulip table'
BDF4 'iris chair'
BDF8 'iris table'
BDFC 'daffodil chair'
BE00 'daffodil table'
BE04 'ponderosa bonsai'
BE08 'pine bonsai'
BE0C 'mugho bonsai'
BE10 'plum bonsai'
BE14 'holly bonsai'
BE18 'azalea bonsai'
BE1C 'maple bonsai'
BE20 'hawthorn bonsai'
BE24 'quince bonsai'
BE28 'jasmine bonsai'
BE2C 'pothos'
BE30 'coconut palm'
BE34 'pachira'
BE38 'caladium'
BE3C 'croton'
BE40 'dracaena'
BE44 'lady palm'
BE48 'aloe'
BE4C 'rubber tree'
BE50 'snake plant'
BE54 'fan palm'
BE58 'corn plant'
BE5C 'bromeliaceae'
BE60 'weeping fig'
BE64 'conga drum'
BE68 'djimbe drum'
BE6C 'timpano drum'
BE70 'violin'
BE74 'cello'
BE78 'bass'
BE7C 'folk guitar'
BE80 'country guitar'
BE84 'rock guitar'
BE88 'metal guitar'
BE8C 'ukulele'
BE90 'ebony piano'
BE94 'ivory piano'
BE98 'upright piano'
BE9C 'Japanese drum'
BEA0 'vibraphone'
BEA4 'biwa lute'
BEA8 'harp'
BEAC 'metronome'
BEB0 'trash can'
BEB4 'garbage pail'
BEB8 'garbage can'
BEBC 'trash bin'
BEC0 'Pantheon post'
BEC4 'Ionian post'
BEC8 'Corinthian post'
BECC 'broken post'
BED0 'pyramid'
BED4 'sphinx'
BED8 'mummy's casket'
BEDC 'spaceman'
BEE0 'Jomon pottery'
BEE4 'tennis table'
BEE8 'bowling pins'
BEEC 'ball return'
BEF0 'basketball hoop'
BEF4 'billiard table'
BEF8 'mahjong table'
BEFC 'dart board'
BF00 'pinball machine'
BF04 'arcade machine'
BF08 'tabletop game'
BF0C 'stool'
BF10 'shogi board'
BF14 'go board'
BF18 'Moai statue'
BF1C 'tribal mask'
BF20 'Arc de Triomphe'
BF24 'Merlion'
BF28 'pagoda'
BF2C 'plate armor'
BF30 'mermaid statue'
BF34 'Mouth of Truth'
BF38 'Manneken Pis'
BF3C 'Tower of Pisa'
BF40 'compass'
BF44 'matryoshka'
BF48 'chocolates'
BF4C 'backpack'
BF50 'mountain bike'
BF54 'propane stove'
BF58 'cooler'
BF5C 'kayak'
BF60 'lantern'
BF64 'sleeping bag'
BF68 'campfire'
BF6C 'bonfire'
BF70 'TV with a VCR'
BF74 'wide-screen TV'
BF78 'retro TV'
BF7C 'kitchen sink'
BF80 'kitchen corner'
BF84 'deluxe range'
BF88 'range'
BF8C 'stove'
BF90 'sink'
BF94 'tea set'
BF98 'shave-ice maker'
BF9C 'refrigerator'
BFA0 'retro fridge'
BFA4 'microwave'
BFA8 'toaster'
BFAC 'mixer'
BFB0 'clothesline pole'
BFB4 'doghouse'
BFB8 'beach chair'
BFBC 'wave breaker'
BFC0 'surfboard'
BFC4 'Diver Dan'
BFC8 'beach table'
BFCC 'treasure chest'
BFD0 'life ring'
BFD4 'snowboard'
BFD8 'sleigh'
BFDC 'snowman'
BFE0 'sunflower'
BFE4 'daffodil'
BFE8 'gerbera'
BFEC 'toilet'
BFF0 'super toilet'
BFF4 'men's toilet'
BFF8 'pink box'
BFFC 'blue box'
C000 'beige box'
C004 'safe'
C008 'deluxe washer'
C00C 'automatic washer'
C010 'washer/dryer'
C014 'potbelly stove'
C018 'space heater'
C01C 'fireplace'
C020 'radiator'
C024 'phonograph'
C028 'turntable'
C02C 'reel-to-reel'
C030 'retro stereo'
C034 'gold stereo'
C038 'hi-fi stereo'
C03C 'high-end stereo'
C040 'dice stereo'
C044 'tape deck'
C048 'CD player'
C04C 'white boom box'
C050 'red boom box'
C054 'red clock'
C058 'kitschy clock'
C05C 'antique clock'
C060 'cube clock'
C064 'odd clock'
C068 'glow clock'
C06C 'owl clock'
C070 'alarm clock'
C074 'jade econo-chair'
C078 'ruby econo-chair'
C07C 'gold econo-chair'
C080 'rocking chair'
C084 'lefty desk'
C088 'righty desk'
C08C 'gas pump'
C090 'extinguisher'
C094 'fire hydrant'
C098 'racoon figurine'
C09C 'barber's pole'
C0A0 'candy machine'
C0A4 'scarecrow'
C0A8 'birdcage'
C0AC 'Nintendo bench'
C0B0 'phone box'
C0B4 'outdoor bath'
C0B8 'wheat field'
C0BC 'computer'
C0C0 'pineapple bed'
C0C4 'glass-top table'
C0C8 'blue kotatsu'
C0CC 'pink kotatsu'
C0D0 'cream sofa'
C0D4 'storage case'
C0D8 'clothes closet'
C0DC 'claw-foot tub'
C0E0 'shower'
C0E4 'massage chair'
C0E8 'vacuum cleaner'
C0EC 'bottled ship'
C0F0 'water bird'
C0F4 'executive toy'
C0F8 'telescope'
C0FC 'miniature car'
C100 'mochi pestle'
C104 'sewing machine'
C108 'cardboard box'
C10C 'wooden box'
C110 'fan'
C114 'candle'
C118 'mini-lamp'
C11C 'desk light'
C120 'table lamp'
C124 'throne'
C128 'basic red bed'
C12C 'basic blue bed'
C130 'basic yellow bed'
C134 'basic green bed'
C138 'brick block'
C13C 'coin'
C140 'flagpole'
C144 'fire flower'
C148 'super mushroom'
C14C 'koopa shell'
C150 'starman'
C154 '1-Up mushroom'
C158 '? block'
C15C 'green pipe'
C160 'fire bar'
C164 'cannon'
C168 'Yoshi's egg'
C16C 'banana'
C170 'triple shells'
C174 'kart'
C178 'pikmin'
C17C 'Blue Falcon'
C180 'Master Sword'
C184 'Arwing'
C188 'Triforce'
C18C 'Metroid'
C190 'birthday cake'
C194 'jack-in-the-box'
C198 'kadomatsu'
C19C 'kagamimochi'
C1A0 'hinaningyo'
C1A4 'big festive tree'
C1A8 'festive tree'
C1AC 'festive flag'
C1B0 'festive candle'
C1B4 'lovely phone'
C1B8 'music box'
C1BC 'portrait'
C1C0 'box of tissues'
C1C4 'piggy bank'
C1C8 'ABD'
C1CC 'leaf'
C1D0 'gold trophy'
C1D4 'silver troph

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