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Title: My angel's name Oriphiel/Orifiel

vihtortakeda - August 10, 2010 06:33 AM (GMT)
Hi, I would like to know if you have informations about Oriphiel. I recently discovered that he is my guardian angel and I have found this forum. So, please any help will be thankfull!

Thank you very much.

Ariel of Megadriel - August 13, 2010 10:33 PM (GMT)
Orifiel - (Oriphiel, Orphiel, Orifel, Ourpahil, Ourpail)

The title 'Orifiel' was first known as the Mandean "Ourpahil" or "Ourpail." He was originally called a servant of "Ou", which is an ancient variant for the angel Uriel. He was associated with "Ou" also as a bird deity, and a spirit of time and creation (specifically realization - not creation in general). His name has been translated as "bird spirit" or "bird god", though it is likely more complex based on its original Aramaic roots. (I can look into an etymology for the name if you'd like.)

Orifiel is an angel of Earth, actually one of the 7 Angels who guard the natural world, particularly rough dense terrain and wilderness. This has led him to be called an angel with dominion, especially in his associations with the Kabbalah, over the forests and brush-lands of Earth.

He is one of the angels who govern the 2nd hour of the day. As such he serves under Anael. He is also under Uriel in rank, (and often associated with him) as one of the "7 regents of the World." Orifiel is a Principality over Egypt, or at least, he was once, (perhaps before it was settled). His name is associated with Egyptian talismanic magic where he is associated with the relation of the Benu and god Osiris.

In Pope Gregory's listing, Orifiel is cited as one of the 7 Archangels of the Presence. This is likely based on his association with Uriel. Orifiel is a Prince of the choir of Thrones and a Regent over the planet Saturn. He is also called an angel of Saturday, time, realizations, birds (especially water birds), and the virtue of steadfastness: constancy, firm loyalty and integrity. I have also seen Orifiel associated with wolves and other creatures associated with the 'wild'.

Here is a representation of Orifiel by Volcan Baga:

user posted image

And here is a symbol associated with "Ourpahil" or "Orpaniel."

user posted image


vihtortakeda - October 1, 2010 06:35 PM (GMT)
Thank you for the information and please bring me the etymology for the name. I want to get deep as possible with the informations about Oriphiel specially after a dream I had lately.
To the same way, can you bring me info about Seraphim Vehuiah and Angel Uriel??
I am impressed with the good and great amount of informations about angels, sigils and other things that your forum have it.


Best wishes and waiting reply!

<+>Vihtor Nriphh'ih'l Takeda.<+>

Ariel of Megadriel - October 17, 2010 10:02 PM (GMT)
I'm handling a lot lately. I''ll be honest with you... it will take some time to post the information.

vihtortakeda - October 20, 2010 01:12 AM (GMT)
Don't you worry dear. Now I have internet on my house, then I'll be everyday around here. Take your time and when you'll be able to post here, I will for sure be here.
Thanks for the reply anyway, and hope you can finish all work and things you are doing there.

See you soon

<+>Vihtor Nriphh'ih'l Takeda.<+>

Ariel of Megadriel - November 13, 2010 07:59 AM (GMT)
I haven't forgotten you. I will have a response to this up soon.


vihtortakeda - November 14, 2010 05:27 PM (GMT)
[i[]Hahaha! No problem. As I said "I'm everyday here".
Reading and learning!

Thanks anyway. ^^[/i]

<+>Vihtor Nriphh'ih'l Takeda.<+>

Ariel of Megadriel - November 17, 2010 05:12 AM (GMT)
An angel summoned in Kabbalistic rites. Both a Seraphim & Principality, Vehuiah fulfills prayers brought in direct petition and through lesser angels (such as prayers by guardian angels for the welfare of their charges).

Strangely Vehuhiah is both a lunar angel & solar angel (more specifically an angel of the dawn). In his role as a lunar angel he serves under Gabriel as one of the guardians of the 28 mansions of the moon - an order called the "Yerahim" or "Malachim ha' Yereah." He serves in the First Mansion or "house" & governs the 1st pentacle of the Moon in Kabbalistic rites.

His principality is over the zodiac. He is equated with Vehuel - one of the 72 angels bearing the name of God: Shemhamphorae. He is also associated with Wednesday. He dwells in the 2nd Heaven, though he works in the First Heaven (during the lunar 'phase' that represents his governing 'house') & the Third Heaven, where he works under the angel Sariel and the angel Saritaiel.

As for Uriel, I'm a bit lost on where to start. I have a whole web page worth of information on him so summarizing him in a post seems impossible.

I will point out major information & you can ask me to elaborate:

- Uriel is one of the Aeons or Angels of the Presence. These are equated with (but not necessarily identical to) the 7 Archangels. These beings dwell in the presence of God & preside over everything under God, as they are emanations of his will. Each has an "army" or legions of angels who are reflective of their properties (& the emanated property of God they represent). Uriel is the 3rd or 4th of these (often confused with Ariel or Gabriel in line of succession), and represents properties like: change, terror, time, momentum, salvation & death.

- Uriel is notoriously apathetic. Though he is an angel of "salvation", his role is contrasting to Gabriel who favors mercy. Uriel's 'salvation' often comes through catastrophe & retribution. Of all the Angels of the Presence, he is most associated with wrath & retribution (along with Ariel, whom he is usually equated with). This makes all angels of wrath potentially associated with him or under his governing. He is said to have the keenest senses of all the angels - making him impervious to deceit or false empathy. He (with Ariel) governs the properties of Time & Inevitability, and can see so sharply he has foresight. He can see all motivations & actions as they truly are, and unlike Gabriel or Raphael who favor motivations & intentions, Uriel generally focuses more rigidly on actions & consequences. He is therefore called an angel of "terror" & is set over the imprisonment of fallen angels in Heaven & Tartarus. He is also said to govern the gates of Hell.

- Uriel is associated with both fire & lightning. However, his name & original property association were more linked to lightning (or the fire that lightning can produce when striking) than with flame itself. His associations with lightning and fire were originally linked to "living fire" or "rapid light", as in fire / light with momentum - as in lightning & change caused by the miracles of the 'hand of God' (the ancient association with lightning was that it was a 'touch' from God that cursed or blessed). His role as an angel of catastrophe & change is linked to this. He causes growth, opportunity for salvation & transition with abrupt & often violent events. (He was one of the 3 angels who visited Sodom & Gomorra, and brought raining fire down upon it.)

- Uriel is often equated with Ariel and the name Phanuel. The association with Ariel is not just based on the similarity of the name, but also on the almost identical properties the two angels share. They are, however, two individual angels having different origins. The name Phanuel is a title given to the conglomeration of the two - originally having been a title for the Archangels of the Face themselves, as it means "Face of God." Uriel & Ariel have correlated and interdependent properties. Unlike the other Aeons who each personify one of the emanations on the Tree of Life (Sephiroth), Uriel & Ariel jointly govern their Sephirah of Tiphareth, which represents their properties in union.

- Of all the angels of death, Uriel is the oldest named. He is also, as an Aeon, with authority over other angels associated with death. Angels like Azrael, (who serves under Uriel) are more specifically associated with properties of death such as the soul leaving the body. Uriel, however, represents death in all its aspects, being set over death in a grand sense, as a transition & terrific (sometimes violent) change. He is also associated with the attachment of death to rebirth. This property is related to his role as an angel of retribution (death of sin/guilt/old ways) & salvation (rebirth, momentum & change). Uriel works closely with Sariel, Ariel and Azrael, all of them angels of death who represent different 'aspects' of death. (Sariel is associated with death as justice, Ariel is associated with death as 'severity' & inevitability, & Azrael is associated with death as mystery & isolating (death as a form of solitude in which every creature must find itself alone).

This is just a brief outline of the fundamental subjects of information on Uriel. Please ask any questions you may have on these & I will try to elaborate from there. There is a wealth of information on him.


vihtortakeda - November 18, 2010 04:31 AM (GMT)
Thanks for this reply. Now it gets interesting.
So, about Vehuiah, have you got any sigil or symbol who can identify him?
And, does he have something about or some connection with the Archangel Raphael and the Zodiac Sign Gemini?
After you answer me this, I'll come with elaborated questions about Uriel and Oriphiel again. :D
To the same way, I got meself curious to know about angels Sariel and Saritaiel.
But forget this for now, first we got for Vehuiah's questions. Then the others, cause I'm plenty of doubts.

Thank you very much again.

<+>Vihtor Nriphh'ih'l Takeda.<+>

Ariel of Megadriel - December 6, 2010 05:58 AM (GMT)
user posted image

This sigil is associated with Vehuhiah. It is also attributed to Vapula, which may be based on an association of an old variant of the name.

Raphael is a governing angel over Gemini as he governs the zodiacal vernal equinox in spring. He also is said to govern the sign of Virgo, and sometimes is said to have ruling power over all air signs (Gemini, Libra & Aquarius) as he is an angel of air.


vihtortakeda - December 6, 2010 05:26 PM (GMT)
Really interesting this connection between Raphael and Vehuiah under the Zodiac signs of Gemini, Aquarius and Libra. I liked.
What can you tell me about Sariel and Saritaiel?
Which I believe will be much easier to explain than Uriel's questions I'll elaborate.

And put together sigils and extra informations about Sariel and Saritaiel just for curiosity.

<+>Vihtor Nriphh'ih'l Takeda.<+>

vihtortakeda - December 6, 2010 05:32 PM (GMT)
There goes the first part of Uriel questions.

1 = What are exactly the Aeons?
2 = If Uriel is the 3rd or 4th, could you list me the others on its order?
3 = Why is Uriel confused with Ariel and Gabriel in line of succession, knowing that Gabriel would have “potentially” a higher celestial ranking than Uriel?

<+>Vihtor Nriphh'ih'l Takeda.<+>

Ariel of Megadriel - December 20, 2010 08:49 PM (GMT)
Have some information on Sariel up here.

Here is some information on some angels often identified as variants of Sariel.

(Saritiel, Sartaiel, Satarel)
"Prince of God's side."
A 'ruling spirit' of the zodiacal sign of Sagittarius, along with his brother Vhnori. He is one of the Ra'im (personifications of wordly properties) & also a Principality.

Saritael is invoked in incantation rites involving the planet Mars. He is also sometimes associated with Satarel, a fallen Archangel who can be conjured to find hidden things.

It will take a little bit to post up any related scripts if I have some.


Ariel of Megadriel - December 21, 2010 09:33 AM (GMT)
What are the Aeons?

The Aeons are the highest 'order' of God's creations (or oldest depending on context). They are technically angels, but are emanations of God's will rather than manifestations of his likeness (as other angels, & earthly creatures are). They are often identified as the 7 highest Archangels because they are the highest angels in the Heavenly hierarchy. They are constantly present (or coming in and out of the presence) of God's place in Heaven. This has credited them with the title "Angels of the Presence" or "Angels of the Face", because they are not only available in God's presence but actually constitute his presence in their wholeness. Essentially, as facets of his nature... to see them all at once would be to see the face of God.

They are each personal beings - with characteristics based in the properties of God they personify. So they have will and personality of their own, but as they are themselves emanations of God's will, they are largely considered incorruptible. (With exception of the first of them whose 'fall' was the source of corruption and the dawn of original sin.) They are personifications of God's nature in seven parts, so the properties they govern are immense. In the heirarchy, the angelic ranks themselves are divided and attributed to an originating Aeon through their shared properties. In the First War in Heaven, this hierarchy was manifested in the division of
7 "armies."

They are identified as "Aeons" very rarely now. That title means "eternities" or "ages" & indicates their timeless nature (they were not created but 'realized' as emanations, so they have always been). The title is largely identified with Gnosticism, which is a very misrepresented derivation of the older folk religions that spawned the monotheistic religions of today who adopted these 7 into "Archangel" roles.

I refer to them as "Aeons" because it is the most accurate & oldest surviving title they have been credited with. There are specific reasons why referring to them under their other presumed titles can be misleading. I'll list these briefly:

"Angels of the Presence":
This title can refer to the 7 (or sometimes 10, 12 or 70) angels said to attend the Throne of God. There is actually a whole choir of these in the "Thrones", & several orders of other choirs who are called "angels of the presence." When I refer to the "Angels of the Presence", I am talking about a specific 7 angels who have unique access (Aeons) to God. Not all references to "angels of the presence" will be referring to those 7.

Seven Archangels:
The 7 "Archangels" are usually considered the highest angels in God's hierarchy in folk Catholicism and orthodox Christianity. This seems to condradict the notion that the Seraphim are the highest choir, or that certain angels (such as Metatron) are given special authority over most angels. It also seems to contradict with the idea that there is a whole choir of "Archangels" or "high" angels. This is because the "7 Archangels" are more accurately a representation of the 7 high angels who are most known to man through their works. This is why Michael and Gabriel are always cited among them while angels of comparable rank like Raphael or Uriel are sometimes omitted from the listing.

Those of the 7 Aeons whose properties are naturally attuned to earthly dealings are fairly well known to men (such as Gabriel & Michael) but a few of the Aeons properties are more abstract to systems of nature rather than personal beings, and they are not as well known because they don't have many direct encounters with men. This is why Danyael (the Aeon of force and order) is not usually listed as one of the 7 Archangels while Gabriel (the Aeon of communion and relationships) is almost always listed. Gabriel has more dealings with mankind because his role demands it.

Angels of the Face:
These are usually equated with the "Angels of the Presence" & in Judaism (called the "Malachim ha'Panim") they served a similar role, surrounding the holy presence of God. There are two kinds of "Angels of the Face" though based on variations of the original root word for "face". The first are those who see God's countenance because they are surrounded on all sides with eyes (this is why the Ophanim - or Thrones - are round and covered in eyes). Wherever they turn, they see God. In this sense the root is meant to mean "face" as in the direction one faces to look at something. The Thrones are always 'facing' God.

The second meaning is actually "face" as in countenance or the visible front side of something. In this case, the Angels of the Face are angels who share the countenance of God (such as Iofiel who has God's beauty or Metatron who appears for God to speak his words to lesser angels). These are also "Angels of the Face." The Aeons are among these because they are in God's presence & together appear as God's very nature, so they represent his 'countenance' very well. However, ALL the Ophanim are Angels of the Face, so the title does not accurately belong to those 7 highest angels (Aeons).

I should also note that the title Aeon is very general in some systems of Gnosticism & there are many spirits the Gnostics consider Aeons. However, the title represents the nature of the high 7 angels most accurately because they are emanations which makes them eternal rather than manifested creations who are merely immortal. Aeons are not like other angels. The Aeons were emanated beings who were realized into being. (As if God said: "aha! I understand that part of myself!" & he gave it a voice & a will.) Other angels are created beings who were concieved. (As if by designing a work of art that reflected his image & what he wanted it to be.) In fact, in this way, other angels are more like men than they are like the Aeons.

This is not really a 'new' idea to angels, who are much less alike than people traditionally believe them to be. Some groups of angels are identical to each other... but many are as different as unrelated species on Earth. An example is the many shapes of the Cherubim and the Ophanim who do not look like men (even though they can if they choose to) & the Malachim (who are believed to appear naturally as androgenous youths who are identical to others in their suborder).

If Uriel is the 3rd or 4th (Aeon), could you list me the others on its order?

I can list what I believe is the order based on their associated numbers and percieved ranking (in what's written about them), but I can not accurately number them. They are timeless (the 3-4 Aeons are actually a personification of time so before they came into being there was no form of time) so there is no way of knowing what kind of space was between each when they were 'created'. I do know they were not realized simultaneously and they each personify a specific number in 1-7 (& its associated properties). This, plus a rough 'hierarchy' laid out by what's been written on them gives reason to assume they were 'made' & are ranked in the order of the numbers they govern. So that's how I'll list them:

1 - Beqa, or Kasbel (the origin of Luficer, the angel who became Satan or the Demiurge of Gnosticism).
2 - Michael
3 - Uriel
4 - Ariel
5 - Gabriel
6 - Raphael
7 - Danyael
1 - Nathanael (the Aeon who 'replaced' Kasbel, in a manner.)

Now, this listing is not as simple as shown. All the Aeons are interdependent but Uriel & Ariel are moreso. Though by themselves they represent properties of 3 & 4, together they are neither. So those properties (& the numbers themselves) are shared by Michael (3) & Gabriel (4).

Also, their interdependence is reflected in an almost circular assignment of properties so that those of Beqa were shared by Michael & are now personified by Michael & Nathanael. (meaning Michael rules properties of 1,2, & 3, and Nathanael rules properties of 1 & 7, etc.)

Their interdependence means that their "hierarchy" can't really be understood. 7 is the number of completeness and perfection which is why Nathanael is the last Aeon & has a very unique role (with Beqa's fall, there had to remain 7 of them). Uriel & Ariel together emanate properties of 7 & are therefore called "Phanuel" ("face of God") because they reflect God's countenance. The other two Aeons associated with 7 (Beqa, Nathanael, Danyael & Michael) are similarly described as being 'like God'.

So, I could list out these combinations:

'Original' Aeons:

1 - Beqa (Lucifer)
2 - Michael
3 - Uriel
4 - Ariel
5- Gabriel
6 - Raphael
7 - Danyael

After the Fall:

1 - Michael (who shares 7)
2 - Uriel
3 - Ariel
4 - Gabriel
5 - Raphael
6 - Danyael
7 - Nathanael (who shares 1)

Confusing right? It is easier to grasp after getting used to concepts like the Sephiroth which overlap properties. Each Aeon basically personifies one number but shares properties of the numbers (or Aeons) around him. They are more like a spectrum of God's will / nature / properties than an actual division of them.

Why is Uriel confused with Ariel and Gabriel in line of succession, knowing that Gabriel would have “potentially” a higher celestial ranking than Uriel?

"Potentially" is the key word here. Angels are not "higher" than each other in a concrete way. Their properties are "higher" based on how "closely" they are similar to those seen directly in God. The Aeons are higher than other angels because the angels' properties are actually DERIVED from the broader attributes the Aeons have (which are direct emanations of God). Aeons are not so easy to rank because they are all representations of different parts of God. Whether they were made in that order because God divided them in order of importance is unknown, but it is doubtful Gabriel would consider himself higher than Uriel for several reasons.

Also, Gabriel's 'seniority' as we would know it is based on his extensive dealings with man and his role as a favored angel of mercy. He is THE angel over humanity so it makes sense that he is the most referenced and revered of the Archangels. Uriel, on the other hand, is an angel of change, death & terror. His reputation is less favored.

Uriel is equated with Ariel because of the unique nature of their union (among the Aeons,they share properties very interdependently & are even named in their combined form, as "Phanuel". They are sometimes considered male & female halves of each other.) Their names are also confused easily.

Gabriel and Uriel can be confused in similar roles. Both are messengers of death & both have been credited with the same events.

Uriel, Ariel & Gabriel can be confused because they are close on that "spectrum" of properties I mentioned above. Uriel and Ariel both share properties of 3 & 4 while Gabriel governs properties of 5 but has some of 4. So all three of these angels have overlapping attributes (they all share properties of 4).


vihtortakeda - December 29, 2010 04:28 AM (GMT)
Woow, I'm begining love chat with you here. I'll read and understand all answers you wrote, and post the new questions after that. And about Vehuiah, Uriel, Oriphiel I still have another ones. But, before that, have you heard of Ophaniel??
What can you tell me about him?

Thank you again!!:D

P.s: i'll bother you for a long time with 2 thousand questions! Hahahahah.

<+>Vihtor Nriphh'ih'l Takeda.<+>

Ariel of Megadriel - December 31, 2010 08:10 PM (GMT)
Ophaniel is the eponymous chief of the choir of angels known as the Thrones - originally called "Ophanim". Particularly, he is one of 7 known Sarim (leaders) of the order. His role is of a Ra (personification) of the choir, which is why he shares the name "Ophan." In the books of Moses, he is called "one of the 7 exalted Throne angels who carry out the commands of the Powers." This is an interesting statement as the Thrones issue orders to the Powers through the choir of Dominions, and take their orders from the Seraphim & Cherubim. In the original text the word "powers" may have simply been referring to authorities and not the choir of Powers specifically.

He is one of the Levanim (lunar angels under Gabriel) & called "the angel of the wheel of the moon." As an Ophanim, his natural shape is that of a wheel covered with eyes and wings and constantly in motion with his speech. In Enoch 3, he is described as having 16 faces, 100 pairs of wings, and a total of 8,466 eyes. As with other Thrones (Ophanim), this means he is constantly face to face with God no matter which direction he turns or where he fixes his gaze.

He is a 'son' of Sandalphon, sometimes equated with him. This association could be due to references of Sandalphon as one of the Thrones. Specifically, he has been called "Ophan", which could easily be transcribed to identify him as Ophaniel.

Ophaniel is also associated with Yahriel (a chief of the Levanim) & Onaphiel (a variant of his name identified as one of the Levanim).


vihtortakeda - March 9, 2011 05:01 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (Ariel of Megadriel @ Dec 5 2010, 11:58 PM)
user posted image

This sigil is associated with Vehuhiah. It is also attributed to Vapula, which may be based on an association of an old variant of the name.

Now, back to Vehuiah and Uriel.
1 thing.

I read that Vapula is a demon or something like.
And in demonology, Vapula is a powerful Great Duke of Hell.
Then, how can a sigil of an Angel/Seraphim as Vehuiah be the same as the the sigil of a demon??
Quite strange huh?
Is this the only sigil or seal related to Vehuiah?? :huh:

Do explain me this please.
Thank you.

<+>Vihtor Nriphh'ih'l Takeda.<+>

Ariel of Megadriel - March 15, 2011 04:11 AM (GMT)

I read that Vapula is a demon or something like. And in demonology, Vapula is a powerful Great Duke of Hell. Then, how can a sigil of an Angel/Seraphim as Vehuiah be the same as the the sigil of a demon??

Is this the only sigil or seal related to Vehuiah??

It could be based on a transcription of the names as they are similar. "Vapula" most likely comes from "Naphula" or "Napuliah" and was transcribed with a V based on the 'association' with Vehuhiah of the sigil. So the sigil is likely associated with Naphula or Vehuhiah and the two names were combined, lending the sigil to represent both. If this is the case, the sigil is more likely originally Naphula's as it is a Goetic sigil & he is a Goetic demon. There is also a possibility the sigil of Vehuhiah is similar and so the two angels seemed identical in script and name & were combined by someone transcribing an early Solomonic text. I do not know of any other script associated with Vehuhiah but I will keep looking.


Ariel of Megadriel - January 6, 2012 06:23 AM (GMT)
I have split this topic for easier access on the forums... you will find the Balthazar topic here and the Ophaniel symbol profile here.

Opirinho - September 10, 2012 10:44 PM (GMT)
Hello there....I am actually new to this website.
I came across it while I was researching about Angel Oriphiel and I saw a link which brought me here about you finding out your angels name.
How do I find out my guardian angels name?
and also are you all Christians?

Thanks alot ,

God Bless

vihtortakeda - October 19, 2012 06:29 AM (GMT)
Well, Oprinho, welcome!
About finding the guardian name, I shall let this with my dear lad Ariel, because, in my cause, it was revealed in my dreams. Thuu I had no idea where to search and I ended here asking the info about Oriphiel to Ariel of Megadriel, which has answered me with all honour and elegance as possible. Then, if you have any other doubts just read all posts hemade it and anything feel free to post here together.

And Ariel 1 for you = Have you ever heard ou seen something about Michael being the "world ruler" by around year 2300, on the revolution caused by a named "Dark God" Mammon?. These last weeks a friend of mine showed me an article in english, and I was reading. It is strange and curious in the same way =X.

<+>Vihtor Nriphh'ih'l Takeda.<+>

Ariel of Megadriel - November 6, 2012 07:57 AM (GMT)
I have seen this question - 'how to discover a guardian angel's name' - several times lately. There are many methods that have been recorded but I can not vouch for any of them personally. I will complie a list of the methods from various sources, here tomorrow.


vihtortakeda - November 15, 2012 10:52 PM (GMT)
Even I would like to see these "methods" to find out which is our Guardian Angel '-'.

vihtortakeda - July 24, 2013 10:21 AM (GMT)
Hello Ariel! =]

So far it seems you've been busy a lot cause the list of the methods to "find" the guardian angel was not published here or have you posted in another topic around here?

I would like to see it and return with you with more questions.

Best wishes!


vihtortakeda - November 16, 2015 06:24 PM (GMT)
Any news from you Ariel?


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