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Title: New Aircraft Released Re2005 Sagittario

Jesse Lambert - February 4, 2006 06:53 AM (GMT)
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When someone says Italian, we think sleek cars, beautiful women, and great food, but for centuries Italians have prided themselves for their love of beauty, performance, and efficiency. Even peering back to the 1940's, while under Fascist rule we can still clearly see the elegance of their ingenuity in their stunning aircraft.

Strap on your goggles, grab your flight suit and get ready to take a trip back through time and see first hand the elegance of Italian design with SkyUnlimited's new Reggiane Re2005 Sagittario. SkyUnlimited has gone to great lengths to insure that the elegance, beauty, and performance of this product hold up to the Italian legacy. If you have never taken a second look at Italian fighters or you want to fly the Luftwaffe Re2005, now is your chance. Just Imagine flying hops in Italy with the stunning scenery in background and this wonderful aircraft foreground, and rest assured if at any time this aircraft is found lacking SkyUnlimited will update it as it has its previous products. We really hope you enjoy this product and experience and era and nation largely left out of Flight Simulator until now.

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*Highly Detailed exterior model with several unique paint schemes.

*Beautifully rendered virtual cockpit, created in the most stunning detail."

*Truly accurate and unique Italian gauges. One of the most complex and detailed gauge sets we have created.

*Highly detailed 2D panel with new pop-up windows and features

*Open the cowling and marvel at the Daimler-Benz engine that powered this great aircraft.

*Fully animated vintage pilot with moving legs, arms, and head

*Feel the rumble of the engine with this completely accurate sound set created from live recordings of a Daimler-Benz

*Machine Gun Effects triggered by After-Burner Command

*Custom High Altitude Vapor-trail effects and wing-tip vortice effects.

*Several LODS with fewer polygons for slower computers and multiplayer gaming.

*"By the Book" flight dynamics created by Jerry Beckwith that make this aircraft both a challenge and joy to fly.

*Several Pages of Historical Information included.

*All appropriate Fs2004 features and standard SkyUnlimited features plus more.

The Top Gun - February 5, 2006 03:35 AM (GMT)
Looks great Jesse!

I've never heard of this aircraft before, a very unique one I'm sure.

Good luck :yes: .

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